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Product reviews are an important part of any successful marketing strategy. Reviews from industry experts are impressive, as are those from industry publications. This is true for products from makeup to new model vehicles. A decade ago, those reviews were all that were available that allowed perspective customers to get an idea of the quality and capability of any product.

Reviews on Company Websites

When researching a major purchase, such as laser cutters and engravers, a visit to the company website is the first place to start. Customers can learn about the history of the company, discover series and model options, and explore machines that will meet their needs. There will also be reviews on those sites, but those will only reflect the positives of the machinery. Those reviews are accurate, just edited and censored.

Independent Review Sites

Since independent review sites have been introduced, customers have access to complete reviews. Once a review is posted, it cannot be deleted or edited by the manufacturer. These will include the excellent points regarding a product, as well as any weaknesses or drawbacks. A review from Boss Laser owners here will be based on the experiences of using the purchased machine.

Customers simply have to find reviews that correspond to the size or model of machine they are considering. If a hobbyist is interested in the desk top model of the cutting and engraving machine, for example, she would select reviews for that particular model. Business owners seeking an industrial machine with significant power can refine the search to include larger models.

Social Media

Another place to find objective reviews is on social media pages. Whether the page is operated by an individual or Boss Laser, those tend to remain unaltered. The company uses the opportunity to respond to any concerns or issues with the model. That is how connections are made with actual customers and readers get a chance to gauge customer service. The situation is win-win in terms of public relations and marketing.

It is wise to read several reviews from different sources to get a well-rounded impression of how a product works. Compare companies and decide which machines to check out before making a purchase. …

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6 Benefits of Outsourced IT Services

Companies rely on technology to remain competitive and operate efficiently. However, an increased reliance on IT infrastructure hasn’t resulted in hiring increases in most places, which means that companies must do more with fewer resources. Outsourced IT support services offer affordable ways for businesses to conserve resources while still getting the support they need. Below are several reasons to consider using managed services.

Staying Focused on Daily Operations

IT resources can be quite scarce, and managers must often work with limited attention, time, and resources. When companies outsource their information technology support services, managers can remain focused on other tasks and avoid the distractions that come with complicated IT decisions.

Reduced Risk

When a network, server, or application crashes unexpectedly, productivity and revenue can suffer. Outsourcing minimizes the risk because managed services providers have the specific knowledge needed to handle compliance and security issues.

Increased Competitiveness and Efficiency

When an organization tries to handle its IT services in-house, it may take longer to research, develop, and implement. These delays can lead to higher costs, which are inevitably passed on to consumers. With outsourced IT, companies can save, and so can their customers.

Leveling the Field

Most small- to medium-sized businesses cannot match the onsite support services available to large corporations. With outsourced IT services, smaller companies can gain access to the same expertise and technology used by multinational firms.

Reduced Labor Costs

Businesses have many expenses, but one of the biggest is the company’s IT department. Finding, hiring, and training IT staff members can be costly, and employees from temp agencies don’t always meet a client’s expectations. Outsourced services allow companies and managers to focus human resources where they are most effective.

Controlling IT Costs

Outsourced services convert fixed costs into variable expenses, which allows more flexible budgeting. Managers have full control over which services the managed provider handles and there’s immense scalability. In simpler terms, clients only pay for the services they need, when they’re needed.

As shown here, there are plenty of reasons to outsource IT services. By choosing the right managed services provider, managers and company owners can save time, save money, and streamline operations. Call or click today for more details.…

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Dealing With Cybersecurity Issues Today

Recent headlines only reinforce the idea that online security issues threaten all users. Business owners are particularly vulnerable, as sensitive company data and client information are at risk when sufficient precautions are not in place. That’s where IT experts enter the picture, providing a range of services to minimize the potential for intrusions.

Assessing the Threat

Cybersecurity experts stress the point that a thorough assessment of an organization’s network is the first step in improving a system’s security. Far too many organizations lack even rudimentary protection, and the technology experts must identify potential threats before recommending solutions. Once the analysis is completed, it’s far easier for the IT security experts to customize solutions for a company’s specific needs.

Ransomware Is An Ongoing Threat

The sophistication of modern ransomware requires organizations to take precautionary steps that safeguard data. Unfortunately, ransomware is evolving rapidly, and even federal authorities recognize the potential for systems to be impacted. As a precaution, IT professionals always recommend organizations continuously back up systems and data to counter ransomware threats. Doing so makes it relatively simple to restore a system in the event of a ransomware attack.

Staying Ahead of Malware

Because malware is always evolving, protection efforts must be proactive rather than reactive. Systems are always at risk, but those risks are exacerbated when antivirus software is not installed and routinely updated. When the best software available is in use, the odds of malware penetrating the system are significantly reduced. In addition, updating should be automated to make sure every device is properly protected.

Educate Users

With security becoming increasingly important, it’s vitally important that organizations take the time to ensure all users understand the risks involved when using company systems. IT experts are always looking for opportunities to educate clients and their employees in ways to avoid common security threats. Organizations are encouraged to work with security experts in developing business-specific training for all device users.

If your system hasn’t been evaluated to identify security threats recently, now is the time to contact an IT security expert for help. Without industry-leading protection, vulnerable systems can be penetrated, putting sensitive information at risk. Don’t take chances with your organization’s data. Contact the experts now for an evaluation and recommendations for keeping your information secure.…

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The Benefits of Installing LED Lighting in Industrial and Commercial Spaces

The majority of warehouses, commercial spaces, and industrial facilities make use of HID light sources, typically in the form of metal halide lamps. The reasoning behind this decision is sound: the bulbs traditionally used in high bay fixtures must be bright enough to illuminate a large amount of space while simultaneously offering a long lamp life. However, lately, some commercial building owners have been making the switch to High Bay LED Lighting instead.

Long Lifespan

LED lights offer a 35,000 to 50,000-hour lifespan, which is significantly longer than the 20,000 hours that can be expected of metal halide light bulbs. This increased lifespan helps to offset the higher initial investment cost of LED bulbs and fixture retrofitting.

Energy Efficiency

Switching over to LED bulbs offers energy savings as significant as fifty percent. The happy results of making this change are lower energy bills and a smaller environmental footprint. When considering the amount of energy required to power lighting designed for industrial and commercial uses, the difference can be quite significant.

Quicker Startup Time

Metal halide systems require a two to five-minute warm-up period before they are able to produce full light. They also require five to ten minutes between uses when power is interrupted. In comparison, LED lights turn on and off instantly, regardless of interior temperature, and turn on at their full light output.

Occupancy Sensors

Because LED lights don’t require a warm-up period, they are much more effective for use with occupancy sensors. This allows building owners to simplify their operations and further decrease their energy use by turning lights off automatically when nobody is present in the space.

Better Quality Illumination

Depending on what type of metal halide bulbs were being used prior to making the switch to LED, LED lights can often provide a better quality of light and improved color rendering. Employees working long indoor shifts typically find that this helps reduce eye strain and improves overall working conditions.

A Word of Caution

LED lights are most efficient and boast the longest lifespan when they are used in well-ventilated open fixtures. This can complicate things when considering that removal of the lenses from high bay fixtures often results in uncomfortable brightness. There are, however, a variety of ways that building owners can mitigate this potential problem.…

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