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The Samsung B7610 OmniaPro Appeals to a Wide Range of Users

The Samsung B7610 OmniaPro Appeals to a Wide Range of Users

Released in September 2009, the Samsung B760 OmniaPro offers a combination of touch screen technology along with a slide out keyboard which reveals itself from the rear of the handset. With a huge list of features, this versatile handset ticks all the boxes of a modern mobile phone.

The Windows Mobile 6.1 operated phone measures 112.6×57.8×16.2mm and weighs 159 grams. It may not be the lightest phone out there but this is forgivable given the amount of technology contained within.

The display is in the form of 3.5 inch AMOLED resistive touch screen which displays 16 million colours at 800×480 pixels. A full keyboard offers an n efficient means of text entry which nicely compliments the touch screen navigation. An accelerometer is built in for sensing when the phone is tilted and rotates the image on screen accordingly allowing it to be viewed in both landscape and portrait.

2GB of internal storage is provided for storing data such as media files and contacts. The presence of a micro SD slot however means that this can be upgraded to up to 32GB by installing a larger memory card.

Class 10 versions of both EDGE and GPRS connect the B7610 OmniaPro to its initial networks. In areas with 3G coverage, HSDPA is available at speeds of up to 3.6 Mbps. Wi-Fi connectivity means that the signal given off from wireless internet routers can be used to great effect to attain a much faster internet connection. Bluetooth v2.0 gives users the opportunity to share files with friends provided they are in the same area and have a Bluetooth compatible handset. For connecting the phone to a computer, micro USB v2.0 allows users to carry out tasks such as backing up contact info or transferring media files.

A whole host of media files are supported by the phone’s media player. These include many different formats of both music and video files. Additional entertainment options include a selection of games and stereo FM radio playback.

MP3 music files can be assigned as ringtones, along with the option to download polyphonic ringtones. Users are alerted to incoming calls or messages by these methods, both of which work in conjunction with standard vibration. A 3.5mm audio jack and a speakerphone system offer option for hands free communication.

A 5MP camera (2592×1944) gives users the opportunity to take good quality snapshots on their phone relatively simply thanks to the addition of features such as autofocus and LED flash. The camera also supports the capability to shoot video in D1 quality at a rate of 30 fps.

A plethora of extra features and applications make the B7610 OmniaPro one of Samsung’s most versatile handsets to date. Whether a music fan, social networker or business user, this phone certainly appears to tick all the boxes.…

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What Are the Advantages of Online Gaming?

A puzzle game is an excellent example of a game that places the player under the right amount of pressure and motivates him to solve a problem. It requires players to combine skills to clear a level. Many find gaming is a good form of entertainment, and it is an excellent way to de-stress after a stressful day at work.

Improved social skills

According to a recent study, video games have the potential to improve social skills. Many people enjoy online gaming for its mental and physical health benefits. These games use psychologists and researchers developed to teach children about emotional intelligence and social skills. In addition, these games are often more entertaining and interactive than other educational games, particularly appealing to children. Researchers in four countries found that players of these games exhibited improved self-perception and teacher assessment of social skills. A new spinoff company aims to help other game developers develop games that will enhance social skills.

Stress relief

While video games can be an escape from the stress of everyday life, they can also help relieve stress. Online Gaming Denton TX creative games can reduce stress and increase your immune system. There are many different games available online, and some of them allow players to create their worlds.

Improved memory

The Internet is a fantastic resource for learning about improved memory. For example, one study conducted by the University of California, Irvine, examined the memory of gamers. The researchers used a mnemonic similarity test to see whether playing video games improved spatial thinking. According to the study results, players of shooter games had better spatial thinking and memory than non-gamers. The researchers were then able to compare the results of this group with the results of professional gamers.

Boosted creativity

A recent study has found that playing online games such as Minecraft can increase your creativity. Researchers compared the results of 352 participants who played Minecraft and those who watched TV. Participants were instructed to draw a creature unlike any animal on Earth. The more human-like the beast was, the lower their creativity score. Minecraft encourages players to build imaginative creations and explore unique worlds. Researchers found that participants who played Minecraft were the most creative. However, reading books and watching television shows didn’t increase the participants’ creativity.

Improved cognitive-behavioral aspects

The benefits of online gaming are many and maybe more important than many realize. For example, many games require players to be alone and focused on details – skills that may be useful in the real world. In addition, psychologists around the globe use Cognitive Behavior Therapy to deal with issues, and online gaming can be beneficial. Here are some ways online gaming can help improve your brain.

Less cyberbullying

Kids who play online games should be aware of possible cyberbullying before playing. They should use an avatar to avoid having inappropriate conversations and should not share personal details in public. They should also be aware of any inappropriate conversations and immediately alert their parents. They should not retaliate against any harassers. They should record all harassing messages and use tools like mute or block to prevent further harassment.