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Understanding a Solar Water Heater for Home

While the initial cost of solar water heaters may be a lot higher compared to conventional water heaters, the photovoltaic energy people harness can yield more environmental benefits and savings than other energy sources. Heating H2O accounts for 18% of a property’s energy use, but doing this using solar energy could cut the heating bills by 50% to 80%.

This article explains how solar-powered heaters can help property owners tap into a renewable and free energy source, possibly saving a lot of money, as well as doing well for the environment. With this info, people can make the best possible decision about whether this device is a good investment for the property’s water needs.

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What are solar water heaters?


The basic function of this device is to expose H2O or heat-exchanging liquids to photovoltaic energy, then circulate the warmed liquid back into the house for domestic use. The main components of these devices are storage tanks and collectors to help trap photovoltaic energy (PTVE).

Collectors are flat plates, tanks, or tubes through which water or heat-transfer fluid passes, as well as absorbing PTVE. The liquid is circulated to the heat-exchange unit or water tank from there. While these things are usually used as energy-saving gadgets to preheat H2O before entering traditional devices inside the house, some devices store and warm H2O without the use of traditional tanks, offering 100% sun-powered hot liquid.

Kinds of sun-powered heaters

These things are divided into two categories: active and passive. The main difference between these categories is that active systems need circulating pumps to help move the liquid, and passive systems solely rely on the earth’s gravity to move the H2O. Active systems also need electricity to run and may use antifreeze solutions as their heat-exchanger fluid.

To explain passive solar collectors in the simplest way, the liquid is heated in tubes and piped directly to the home’s faucets if needed. Active collectors use antifreeze (which is passed from the collector into the heat exchanger that helps heat clean H2O for household use and storage) or heat the liquid directly, which is pumped to the water tank. Passive and active systems have subcategories that are considered specialized for different budgets, capacities, tasks, and climates. The one that is right for people will depend on various factors such as:

  • The installation budget
  • Building regulations and codes in the area
  • The capacity requirements
  • Availability of the sun
  • Available space

Let us take a closer look at each type of system and how it can benefit a residential property.

What is PTVE? Visit to find out more.

Active heaters

Although these devices are more expensive than passive systems, active devices are considered the more efficient system. There are two kinds of active heating systems.


In direct systems, clean and drinkable water directly passes through the heat collector to storage tanks for use. They are best suited for climates where temperatures don’t usually go below freezing.



Indirect systems circulate  non-freezing liquids through the collector and into the heat exchanger, where the liquid’s heat is transferred to clean and drinkable H2O. It is then circulated into storage tanks for everyday use. These systems are needed for places with cold climates where temps usually go down below the freezing point. Without this system, pipes will run the risk of bursting and freezing.

Passive heaters

These devices are a more straightforward and less expensive option but also less efficient compared to its counterpart. But these things can last longer and be more reliable, so people should not overlook them as a good option, especially if they are on a tight budget. All passive devices use gravity or pressure to circulate liquids and come in two forms:

Batch and integral collector storage (ICS) heaters

An ICS solar-powered water heater is one of the most straightforward photovoltaic H2O heating systems on the market today. The collector serves as a storage tank and heating system. They are pretty efficient but only work in places with little risk of freezing temps.

It can be as simple as a big black tank or smaller copper tubes fastened to the property’s roof. Devices with copper tubes heat a lot faster because of increased surface area. However, it loses heat much faster because of the same reason. This device is used to preheat liquids for traditional heaters. In this kind of system, when H2O is needed, it leaves the collector or storage tank and enters a traditional heater in the house.

Thermosyphon devices

This thing relies on thermal circulation. The liquid circulates when warm H2O rises, and cold ones descend. It features tanks like ICS units, but has a collector system attached going downwards from the storage tank to allow the …

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iPhone 5 Launching With List of New Features

iPhone 5 Launching With List of New Features

According to a report published today on Boy Genius Report, Apple’s major US carrier partner AT&T is getting its staff prepped for the release of the next iPhone handset, expected sometime in mid-September. The report cites a ‘proven source’ that claims that AT&T’s retail arm has been communicating with its legions of employees, telling them to “finish training in order to have employees available for the influx of foot traffic expected in September.”

While this report is simply another rumor, there’s little doubt in anyone’s mind at this point that September will bring some sort of new or updated iPhone handset; it’s even possible that Apple will completely revamp its lineup and launch more than one new iPhone. The BGR report claims that Apple will announce the next iPhone sometime in late August, and then handset will then go on sale in early September. The site has a decent track record in regards to Apple and iPhone related rumors, and has numerous contacts deep in the wireless industry.

The BGR report coincides with the release of further speculation on the launch date from MacRumors, which recently stated that Apple has started contacting some of its former retail employees to see if they will return to work part-time between mid-August and mid-September. Since this timeframe also happens to be the lucrative ‘back to school’ retail extravaganza, it’s possible that Apple just wants its stores fully staffed to avoid any sales or service issues. However, it’s also possible that this is in preparation for the flood of customers expected with the launch of the next iPhone.

Surprise: As the tradition of apple iPhone 5 will also unveil some surprise features.

iOS 5: It is much anticipated that Apple will introduce iPhone 5 with latest iOS 5.

Storage Capacity: Apple is offering 16 GB and 32GB iPhone since 2009, so apple is aware this it would be hard push iPhone 5 without having 64 GB of storage. iPhone 5’s lowest model will come with 32G of space and 64G of memory.

Signal Strength: Unlike iPhone 4, iPhone 5 is not having signal issue, as they are offering the strongest signal strength of any iPhone model ever even the best of any Smartphone to ever come to market.

Face Recognition: The new iPhone 5 will have Face Recognition for Security sake so that you don’t have to worry about other people stealing your phone and trying to use it.

Thickness: All three iPhone had thinner bodies than the previous model so the iPhone 5 can be the thinnest yet & much nicer overall body design of the phone.

Longer Battery Life: iPhone 5 will have Up to 14 Hours of Talk Time On The 3G and 7 Hours on the 4G.

Video Chat: Video Chat on a 4G network instead of a slow 3G one

A5 Dual core processor: For Outstanding Video Quality Apple May Introduce A5 Dual Core Process with iPhone 5

Screen: Shatter Resistant and Scratch Resistant Screen

Built In GPS: You’ll never get lost or have to download one of those stupid GPS apps.

The following apps will come with latest update with iOS5 in iPhone 5.

Notification Center








PC Free



Game Center

Wi-Fi Sync

Multitasking Gestures for iPad

AirPlay Mirroring for iPad 2


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Samsung Toner Cartridges Are One of A Kind

Samsung Toner Cartridges Are One of A Kind

Samsung takes pride in their toner. Lots of other companies try to even counterfeit their cartridges because of their high value due to great quality ink. This is why they have come up with qualities that can’t be matched, and developed distinct clues you can’t get from anywhere else besides genuine Samsung toner cartridges.

Samsung toner cartridges strive to perform at a high stature. They will not ever have streaks, splotches or bland color. They take pride in making sure their products stand out above the rest by being crisp, bright and shiny providing brilliant eye catching prints. You will never have to worry about having poor quality output. The printer however, can be ruined if there are counterfeit or different cartridges put in. It will break the printer and make the prints appear sloppier over time. The printer’s life span will be shortened by a long shot as well.

The toner cartridge and the package that the cartridge comes in should have the Samsung logo. This will ensure you that it is a genuine product. If a cartridge has physical damage it might not work the way it should. Worn screws, adhesives, and scratches are signs that it is not a genuine Samsung product. It must have a CRUM chip on it as well. This is a Customer Replaceable Unit Monitor chip which will ensure that it is real. In addition to that, it should also have a serial number label. You can check online if it is genuine or not through the chip being in your printer.

The security label on the Samsung packaging will ensure a genuine product as well. Tilting the label will change the color of it and give you the satisfaction of knowing you have a genuine product. The label should turn from clear to cyan as you tilt. The embossed characters will change colors as well. Red, gold and blue shiny colors will change as you move the textured embossed label. The texture will be noticeably different than the rest of the packaging.

It is simple to spot a real Samsung toner cartridge with these tips because they are none like any other. Samsung does the best they can to make sure they provide you with enough evidence that it is real. It will become clear to you the difference between a real cartridge and a fake one with just a little awareness of what to look for in the product.…

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Busting Samsung LCD TV Market Myths

Busting Samsung LCD TV Market Myths

Just like the saying that nobody is perfect, no object is perfect as well. Liquid Crystal Display TV technology may be the hottest technological development today but it still has something that needs further improvement. Of course advantages and disadvantages are both present. But the differing views of people may confuse those who want to purchase this modern day television.

The following misconceptions about LCD TVs will be busted to make things clear for the consumers. Be sure that you keep yourself informed about what is true and what is not because you will be investing a good amount of your hard-earned money here. So take a look at these things and see if what you hear is indeed true.

It should be made clear that Liquid Crystal Display does not connote to the TV being made of liquid. The word liquid is simply used to describe the crystals that made up the pixels in the TV. These crystals are described to be fluid denoting their adaptability and flexibility. When these crystals are charged with electric power, they react in a certain manner. The reaction causes images to be produced.

Another issue that needs clarification is the LCD TV’s lifespan. Nothing, except diamonds perhaps, lasts forever. Just like how humans die, televisions as a mere object will wear out. However, note that the lifespan of an LCD TV is longer than that of Plasma and the tradition CRT televisions. Most experts and LCD TV manufacturers claim that the average lifespan of an LCD television is approximately 60,000 to 80,000 hours. From this numbers, there is an estimated 7 years of all day watching from your huge Sony or Panasonic or Samsung flat screen.

Next up, an LCD TV is different from the rest because it does not cause burn-in problems. Manufacturers like Samsung promise no shadowing, no ghosting of images at all. This is another reason for you to invest on an LCD TV since you can use it as a computer monitor too because it gives you the perfect lifelike images needed for video game playing and movie watching.

And lastly, every consumer should be informed that the latest LCD TVs have better viewing angle features. You can now watch your favorite show at any angle from the television. Gone are the days when angles of viewing hinder the consumers from watching TV from their preferred position. Nowadays, you can watch clearly even from a 160 degree angle.

So now, when choosing a specific model of LCD TV for your home, be sure that you keep these things in mind. Take a good look at both the advantages and disadvantages of owning that specific model. Make sure that the features you are looking for are present in the TV. And of course, inform yourself of the truths and myths that surround the LCD TV technology.…

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Business Startups

Know-how is the lifeline of the busy routine of at the moment. This change to the very material of enterprise and life process has skilled individuals to anticipate results, based mostly on expertise, in much less and less time. As internet turns into the technique of communication, most farmers use this technological development for transaction processing or for retrieving info.\n\nThe converged network is right here to remain and the only actual choice just isn’t if, but when you’re going to embrace it. With globalisation, the elevated use of home workers and the more flexible working setting; entry to data needs to be seamless and instantaneous.\n\nThis know-how has totally transformed the power, effectivity and prices of using the sun’s vitality for house use. Previously, it was only companies that relied on technology to drive efficiencies, creating expectation previously achieved by means of people, process and time.\n\nSmartphones make it potential for anyone to hook up with everyone out there in cyber world. This isn’t made just to make your pocket lighter but for a greater security as a result of keys proven to be not very effective. A whole era of employee is being trained to rely solely on expertise to gather, analyze, course of and distribute information.

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The Samsung LE40B650 TV – Finding a Cheap One

The Samsung LE40B650 TV – Finding a Cheap One

When you purchase anything you will want to make sure that you are getting good value for money. You will also be very annoyed if you found the item cheaper somewhere else after you already purchased it. This is especially true with an expensive item like a Samsung LE40B650 TV. This is a full HD TV with various state of the art features and this is why you must know how to find the best deal.

The full HD picture quality on the LE40B650 means that you have the best 1080p scanning quality. You also have the top sound quality of all TV’s today. There are lots of other specifications and features that this TV offer which is why you can find the cheapest one if you compare prices online as well as offline.

You can find plenty of websites that offer you price comparisons and you can easily come up with a database to work with ten or more websites that have the same TV for sale. The comparison websites will give you the cheapest price so that you don’t have to spend time going through each one on your own. You should look at a few different price checker websites to also get a larger number of online shopping sites covered.

The offline search is also not that hard. You simply have to spend some time phoning different electronic stores and TV sales shops. You can make an inquiry as to the price and don’t forget to ask about any delivery fees. It could be cheaper to purchase offline if you find that the shipping costs online are quite expensive, which they normally are for a large item like a TV.

To get a really good deal you should try to find a cheap website that also offers free shipping in your country or city. You could get lucky and also come across a website with its headquarters in your area so that you can avoid shipping costs altogether.

When you compare your prices to find the cheapest TV you must also remember to talk about the size you want and other features that might be included. You might also find that the color of the TV causes a price difference.

After doing this kind of in depth research all that is left for you to do is make a decision about where you are going to get your LE40B650. You can then order it with confidence knowing that you got the best deal.…

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Another Addition To The Samsung Galaxy Family With The Samsung Galaxy 551

Another Addition To The Samsung Galaxy Family With The Samsung Galaxy 551

Samsung is widely known for creating a wide range of cutting edge Android smartphones. This can clearly be seen in the Samsung i5801 Galaxy Apollo, the Samsung i5500 Galaxy Europa, and the Samsung Galaxy S. Now, they add another handset to the Galaxy family with the Samsung Galaxy 551.

Unlike other Galaxy models, the Galaxy 551 runs on the Android OS version 2.2 (Froyo) right out of the box. You no longer need a software upgrade to enjoy all latest features one of the most up to date Android mobile operating system have to offer.

There are a number of advantages the Android 2.2 Foryo has to offer. Aside from aesthetic changes, new home screen widgets, and smoother animations, the mobile platform is 5 times faster compared to its Android 2.1 predecessor the ?�clair. These are just the capabilities of the operating system. Coupled with a 667 MHz mobile processor, the smartphone is sure to allow you to enjoy everything in lightning speed.

Another feature the 551 has to offer is lightning-fast browsing speed. The phone’s browser comes complete with the latest flash support. This will allow you to access every website available on the internet. No longer do you have to worry about those annoying question mark cubes all over the browser of the Samsung Galaxy 551.

Since the phone runs on one of the latest Android has to offer, you are sure to run an assortment of apps from the Android Market without any compatibility issues. The phone comes with 160 MB of internal memory that allows you to store a multitude of apps. If ever you need more memory for storage, the phone supports as much as 32 GB from a micro SD card.

For your business and social networking needs, the Samsung Galaxy 551 comes with a physical slide out keyboard. This will allow the phone’s users to type in anything from feeds to chat and from documents to emails.

Input is not limited to the phone’s keyboard. The phone comes with a 3.2 inch capacitive touch screen for your touch screen needs. Its display offers 240 x 400 pixels of resolution and can display as much as 16 million colors. It comes with the latest TouchWiz 3.0 UI. It offers both touch screen and full interfaces.…