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Samsung R355c – New Straight Talk and Net10 Phone

Samsung R355c – New Straight Talk and Net10 Phone

The new phone, Samsung r355c, is now available with Straight Talk and Net10’s Phones. For Net10’s lineup, the novelty is that this model is first to be on CDMA network technology as well as being the first full, slab-style, keypad cell phone. Unlike the previous texting models R451C and T401G, this model reminds a lot of the ever-popular Blackberry or other smartphones. However, that is exactly where similarity ends.

The primary feature of this phone is easy texting capability. Thanks to full keypad and the shape and spacing of the keys, user will be able to text really quickly. If you consider phone’s shape, which is slightly tapered, wider at the top and narrower at the bottom, you will realize that it is easy to handle the phone with one hand. If you want to text with two hands, which enables you to text even faster, you can do it easily thanks to few things. Nicely rounded corners, slim and glossy design on one side and the sides of the phone and the keyboard made of slightly more “rubbery” plastic on the other side, prevents slipping and helps in handling the phone more easily and typing faster. Its lightweight, weighing just 3.6 ounces, helps a lot with handling it with easiness.

If we take a look at display capabilities of Samsung r355c, comparing to some other models as LG 290c, r355c has a lower screen resolution of 176 by 144 pixels. However, that does not affect that much what you see. And that is a beautiful full color screen measuring 4.42″ x 2.4″ x.50″, sufficiently bright, that will work just fine in direct sunlight as would any other phone with a glossy screen.

What is the strong side of Samsung r355c is the reception and signal strength. These capabilities have been very impressive comparing to Samsung r451c and Finesse or LG 290c and 220c, whose performance is very good. The voice quality is good but call volume loses a little clarity at the highest volume settings.

The R355C comes with a 1.3 megapixel standalone camera, full MP3 player that together with expandable SD card slot with up to 16 GB capacity and Bluetooth allows you to store plenty of songs. In addition, it does not require any special adapter or headphones to listen to music. The novelty to Net10 is the alternative to connect to your car via Bluetooth and being able to listen to the callers instead of looking at the screen, which makes your family and you safer while driving. Standard features include reduced texting rates, call forwarding, call waiting, caller id and voicemail.

Battery life lasts up to 6 hours of talk time and up to 200 hours or 8 days of stand by. However, if you are using MP3 player, it discharges the battery rather quickly. And when browsing is in question, the r355c does not have a full HTML browser but WAP only.

If you text a lot, want a large screen and enjoy the Blackberry like design rather than sliders, this is the right choice for you. Do not forget that this phone comes with affordable prepaid plans with which you cannot go wrong.…

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How To Replace Pc Drivers And Software

Because the world is getting sooner and expertise updates day-by-day, computer customers feel the necessity of such a pc which is as powerful as a desktop computer which can be carried simply. Both English Language Arts and Math blueprints have been up to date to reflect the 2016-17 school year. Fortuitously, some expertise suppliers acknowledge this difficulty and might help school administrators get the technology they should update their college. Jeff and the Security group carried out multifactor authentication to help prevent unauthorized access to your data and University information.\n\nThe View Take a look at Tickets and TIPs video on the Educator Resource Videos web page is a great resource that details step-by-step directions for how one can entry both test tickets and TIPs inside Educator Portal. You will also find an up to date Guide to DLM Required Take a look at Administrator Training document that will help you put together for required test administrator coaching in Moodle in 2017-18.\n\nIs it time to replace your computer? 1.) Always install Microsoft’s critical updates – the month-to-month software updates designed to patch safety vulnerabilities and threats. The problem is that malware works quick in stealth mode, and knowledge-stealing malware can cause injury through one click which might compromise a company’s status or personal confidential knowledge.\n\nA Writing Testlet FAQ has additionally been updated for spring 2017 and added to the Educator Useful resource Pages. In 2010 the brand new IT Organization will put much less emphasis on system particular technical abilities and more in direction of senior expertise professionals who can generate enterprise worth by incorporating applied sciences.\n\nAll the DLM® employees and our state companions are dedicated to making our evaluation system, as well as its ancillary providers, accommodating to each the academics and the scholars in order that we’re able to present the very best providers for all the consortium.…

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Samsung E1720NR Review

Samsung E1720NR Review

If you think about buying a new monitor, Samsung E1720NR LCD is a perfect choice. First, this monitor LCD 17 inch is designed with height adjustable stand to improve your viewing comfort, and it has a high 50,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio that helps you see all the images you want in vivid colors and brilliant intensity.

Another good feature of the Samsung E1720NR LCD Monitor is the fast response time of only 5 ms. This means you can enjoy your games, movies or any internet content without the motion blurring or ghosting that appear in conventional monitors. The Samsung monitor also has a 5-mode angle management that allows you to watch your favorite movies or videos anyway you like: sitting, lying down, or even standing, when you may be exercising or cooking.

Keep in mind that Samsung E1720NR LCD Monitor is also eco-friendly. You can save energy using it, because the brightness it is adjusted based on how much you want to save: 100%, 75%, 50% or you can also adjust the brightness of your monitor manually. And another reason why you can say your monitor is eco-friendly is because it can turn itself off at a specified time, which also extends the life of your monitor LCD 17.

Maybe you have always wanted to be able to enhance your favorite images and now you can, because this monitor offers you four photographic effects from which to choose: Aqua, Sepia, Green and Grayscale.

You definitely had times when you got nervous because of an image that did not fit on your monitor. You needed to stretch it, but the only thing you got was a distorted image. You can relax now because this monitor has an intelligent adjustable image size function that will help you enjoy your images the way they are, in a wider screen.

Because you know how important your time is, you will definitely be pleased by the custom key feature that allows you to assign the function you want to a customized key, so you can access it in a second.

And do not forget that all that comes with a stylish design, with ultra narrow bezels.…

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Samsung Galaxy S3 (S III) Review

Samsung Galaxy S3 (S III) Review

The Samsung Galaxy S2 was a huge success. It helped make Samsung the largest mobile phone manufacturer in the industry. In order to surpass the quality and success of the S2, the Galaxy S3 must be very fast, pack lots of power, be feature rich, and it definitely has to look good.

The Galaxy S3 has a tough act to follow, so how did it do? Well in addition to the larger 4.8 inch screen, the S3 does have a plethora of new features. Let’s have an in-depth look at Samsung’s new creation…


As mentioned a minute ago, the Galaxy S3 has a rather large 4.8 inch display. That’s pretty big for a mobile phone. It’s slim build makes it quite manageable, but you might disagree if you have really small hands.

The glossy finish feels sort of plastic-like to the touch, but it gives the phone a very attractive and expensive looking shine.

The Screen

The high-resolution, super AMOLED display is bright with rich colors. Combined with the 4.8 inch screen size, viewing photos and watching videos is more enjoyable than previous Galaxy models.

Android 4.0.3 (Ice Cream Sandwich)

The S3 has Google’s Ice Cream Sandwich (the nickname for Android version 4.0.3) operating system. It’s definitely the best version to date.

Ice Cream Sandwich gives us a newly remodeled, cleaner interface. It allows easy multitasking, resizeable widgets, enhanced notifications, and other cool features.

With the virtual buttons in the System Bar, you can easily go Back, Home, or to Recent Apps. Going from one task to a different one is super easy with the Recent Apps button. A list shows thumbnail images of your recently used apps. Just tap a thumbnail and you’re taken to an app.

The new home screen folders are really cool. They allow you to group your apps and shortcuts in a very logical way. Just drag one and drop on to another.

There’s plenty more that you will appreciate about Ice Cream Sandwich.


Some of the new features on the Galaxy S3 are really impressive.

The S Voice is a voice recognition service similar to Siri. It’s adequate, but not always accurate. You can give certain commands to the phone like wake up, answer a call, or take a picture.

Smart Stay uses the front-facing camera to occasionally check for eyes looking at it. If it doesn’t ‘see’ a set of eyes, the screen will turn off to save power.

Smart Call will dial the number of a contact that you are viewing if you lift the phone to your ear.

Say you’re writing a message to someone but decide that you want to talk instead. No problem. Put the phone to your ear, and your contact will be dialed automatically.

The Best Photo feature will choose the better of eight continuous photos.

Do you tend to miss calls and messages? You’ll appreciate Smart Alert. It will alert you of missed calls and messages with a soft vibration or tune.


The S3’s camera has 8MP, and it takes better than average looking photos. You can also record HD 1080p videos.

Battery Power

It’s not a sexy feature, but I’m sure you would agree that battery power is important. Well you’ll be happy to know that along with plenty of shiny new features to play with, the S3 has a battery that lasts.


Have a need for speed? If you’re like most other people, the answer is yes of course! Well the Galaxy S3 doesn’t disappoint. It packs quite the power punch. You can place lots of demand on the phone without much of a slow-down in speed.

Call quality and clarity also gets two thumbs up.


With a bigger screen, new features, lots of speed and power, most owners of the Samsung Galaxy S3 will be quite happy with their toy.…

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A Look At The Benefits Of The Stylus Pen Feature Of The Samsung Galaxy Note

A Look At The Benefits Of The Stylus Pen Feature Of The Samsung Galaxy Note

Although it has been available for nearly six months, the Samsung Galaxy Note has recently seen its first major TV advertising campaign in the UK, and it has recently been announced that sales have topped the 5 million mark. In this article, I will look at one of the handset’s features which is not found on many other smartphones; the integrated stylus pen, and how it can benefit different types of users.

The stylus pen on the Samsung Galaxy Note is optimised specifically for the device, and is even stored within the phone itself when not in use. This is in a hole found at the end of the phone, where it is simply inserted and then clicks into place, storing it securely.

One of the main demographics that can benefit from a stylus pen is business users. Because the Samsung Galaxy Note has a large 5.3 inch touchscreen, it is ideal for a number of business applications. To make the most of this, business user can install an app from Google Play, called ‘Documents To Go’. This is a smartphone optimised version of the Microsoft Office package. When using the Excel function of this on the large touchscreen, user are able to create fully functioning spreadsheets, and the stylus pen makes this easy; giving maximum control when selecting cells and inputting data, which can prove tricky when using your fingers. The Samsung Galaxy Note also has the added benefit of built in handwriting recognition, so you can take notes in a meeting using the stylus pen. These can then be converted into digital text, which can then be used in a Word document or email etc. The stylus pen can also be used to sign digital documents, which can then be emailed to you office or sent to a wireless printer. As you can see, business users can benefit from the stylus pen feature of the Samsung Galaxy Note in a number of ways.

The ‘S-Pen’ can also be used for more creative purposes. A very popular new game available from Google Play is called Draw Something. This has had over 40 million downloads in its seven week existence, across Android and iOS platforms. It is basically a smartphone and tablet version of the classic Pictionary format, where you play against another player. You are given a word, which you must then draw clues for, and your opponent must guess the word from your drawing. The stylus pen means that you have far greater control over your drawings, with much finer levels of detail than you could attain from just using your finger on the touchscreen.

There are of course many more applications of the stylus pen on the Samsung Galaxy Note, but as you can see, business users as well those who like drawing on their phone can benefit. The Samsung Galaxy Note is in fact one of the most advanced devices from the popular manufacturer, but the combination of its large screen and stylus pen make it one of the most unique devices out there, and with its new advertising campaign in the UK, its popularity looks set to increase further.…

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Samsung Vibrant – An Amazing Smartphone Having Amazing Features

Samsung Vibrant – An Amazing Smartphone Having Amazing Features

The Samsung Vibrant from T-Mobile is the perfect blend of entertainment and communication. This is another amazing Smartphone from the Samsung family which is lightweight and power packed with a superfast 1GHz processor, Android 2.1 and bright AMOLED display, 5MP Camera, Bluetooth 3.0 and much more. Here are the main specs and features of this wonderful device.

• The Samsung Vibrant has a super brilliant 4.0 inch AMOLED touch screen that gives a bright, vivid viewing experience. The choice of virtual keyboard and SWYPE is viable for wide range of customers. It is superbly light weight device weighing only 117gms. This is a compact phone that easily fits into your pocket having physical dimensions as122.4 x 64.5 X 9.9mm.

• The Vibrant supports young generation 1GHz Hummingbird Cortex A8 application processor. The,1 500mAh lithium ion battery lasts up to a maximum of 450 hours standby and up to 6 hours 30 minutes in talk time mode. The 3G enabled vibrant along with T-Mobile’s upgraded HSPA+ network offers a speed close to 4G connectivity and send your files and data in mere seconds. It has a great storage capacity with 16GB built-in memory and 2GB microSD card slot. If you would transfer more for your files and data there is 32 GB expandable memory card.

• The new Samsung Vibrant is feature packed device with loads of applications and features for entertainment and communication. The Samsung Vibrant brings one-touch access to the popular Google mobile services including Google Search by voice, Google Maps with Street View, Google talk, YouTube, Picasa, and contacts/calendar synchronization. The built-in 2GB microSD card comes preloaded with the movie Avatar and video the Sims 3 Collector’s Edition. It also comes pre-loaded with Kindle for Android, free 30 days of MobiTV, and Slacker Radio and much more.

• With the vibrant you can have fun shooting some nice pics using 5MP camera with resolution of 2592 x 1949 pixels. The phone 720p video takes nice coverage of the events which cannot be just enjoyable with pictures. Videos are sharp with vibrant colors and the synchronization of the video to the audio is smooth and seamless.

• The Samsung T959 is power packed with Social Media capabilities. The 3G enabled Vibrant offers fast data delivery and an enhanced Web-browsing experience that lets you connect quickly to social networking sites. The Samsung Vibrant also provides easy access to both personal and corporate e-mail, calendars, and contacts supported by Exchange Server and Gmail. When it comes to Multimedia, Samsung Vibrant is a trailblazer. Its ability to offer better music, image and video content is simply amazing. It is loaded with tones of entertainment features multimedia capabilities.

Those who are looking for an ultimate phone that can deliver optimum performance in organizing work and entertainment, the Samsung Vibrant would be a perfect choice.…

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Samsung UN40C5000 Review

Samsung UN40C5000 Review

The Samsung UN40C5000 is an LED flat panel HDTV with 1080p technologies; this Samsung device has a 1.2 inch wide framework that is black and that sports a bit of color due to its Touch of ColorA� inclusions. The UN40C5000 has a 60 Hertz refresh rate, it offers AllShareA� features, Anynet+A� features, and the device is stunning to watch and to look at. The device has been manufactured in such a way that it is energy efficient too; the Samsung UN40C5000 is Energy StarA� compliant and uses limited natural resources to operate.

The Samsung UN40C5000 has a horizontal orientation and it can stand on its included base or be hung on a wall in your home. The UN40C5000 is attractive and looks just like a digital frame that will present your movie and television programming. The framework has glorious hints of amber coloring and the UN40C5000 is so thin you may wonder how it can squeeze so much technology in its interior. This device can be connected to the Ethernet because it has a port inclusion and it can be hooked up to digital devices and thumb drives too since the device has integrated ConnectShareA� features.

With the Samsung UN40C5000 you will find that color presentations are nothing short of spectacular. The UN40C5000 has Wide Color Enhancer PlusA� features so that every single pixel gets digitally analyzed and perfected before it is presented on the screen. What does this mean for you? It means that you get nothing but sharp, bright hues, rich colors, intense darks and bright, light colors with every viewing.

The Samsung UN40C5000 allows you to watch scenes with high action in them without interruption. You will never experience skipping, digital noise, artifacts, juddering, or frozen pixels with the UN40C5000 because the set has a 60 Hertz refresh rate and it delivers 60 frames every second you are watching the set. Gamers can enjoy video games in game mode where sounds are intensified and colors are brought to three dimensional life on the forty inch screen of the UN40C5000.

The Samsung UN40C5000 has a 16 to 9 aspect ratio and the screen offers up a maximum resolution of 1920 x 1080p. With the UN40C5000 you get an embedded sensor for light that helps the television automatically adjust to the room’s existing ambient lighting. The set has a 3 million to one contrast ratio, an ATSC, a QAM, and an NTSC tuner, SRS TruSurround HD features, Dolby Digital sound features, and it sports two hidden fifteen watt speakers that supply virtual surround sound offerings.

With the Samsung UN40C5000 you are assured great connectivity too; you get for 1.3 HDMI inputs, a DVI input for your PC, an audio input, a composite input, a component input, an Ethernet port, two USB ports, and an RF connection. The UN40C5000 has picture in picture functions and the menu can be programmed in three different languages too. The UN40C5000 is also outfitted with an audio and digital optical output as well. Control everything with the included remote control; you could not ask for more from the Samsung UN40C5000.…