3 Primary Considerations When Choosing Concealed Carry Clothing

There are three primary considerations when looking at how best to concealed carry.

1. Adequate Accessibility

Regardless of how you carry your gun, accessibility is vital. It does not good to carry a pistol if you can’t readily reach it and use it in an emergency. Any carrying device or clothing that does not provide adequate access to your gun is just not going to work.

Adequate for one person will not look the same as adequate for another. For example, the concealed carry clothing for law enforcement Nashville TN is going to be different than the accessories for a college student. The situations they find themselves in, the clothing they wear, and the activities they participate in all impact the kind of accessibility that is required.

2. Reliable Security

The best holsters and concealed carry accessories will keep your gun in place no matter what you’re doing. If you were suddenly upside down, your gun would stay holstered. If you were running down the street, it wouldn’t jostle against you. And, when you’re getting in and out of your vehicle or up and down from your desk it’s not going to fall out.

3. Discreet Concealment

It’s called “concealed carry” for a reason. The right on-body carrying method is going to ensure that, not only can no one see the gun, no one can see the print of the gun.

Oftentimes this piece is missed by those new to concealed carry because they only check for concealment standing up or in a single position. It’s important to know with certainty that the gun will remain concealed no matter what you are doing or how you are doing it.

While there are certainly other things you will consider when looking for the best way to carry your gun, these three should be at the top of your list.