September 23, 2023

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4 Reasons Why Your TV is Now Far More Than Just a Screen

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4 Reasons Why Your TV is Now Far More Than Just a ScreenTV design and...

4 Reasons Why Your TV is Now Far More Than Just a Screen

TV design and functions have moved far beyond the traditional role of the television. With the many choices of flat screen TVs, the TV is now a multimedia device, integrated with types of technology which didn’t even exist when it was invented.

The entertainment element has expanded dramatically in only a few years, and is showing no sign of slowing down. It’s becoming clear that the TV will evolve progressively, from a basic appliance to a hybrid entertainment and communications center and beyond as technology and culture create new roles for it.

Quality – The vastly superior technology, picture and sound qualities of the new generations of LCD, LED and Plasma TVs have completely changed the paradigm of TV usage.

The quality of the new TVs is also raising the bar of the TV as a consumer product. It is now expected to be a highly functional, very useful, part of the domestic equipment, not just a TV.

Connectivity – DVD, Blu-ray, memory cards, USB devices, media centres and games through connection to gaming consoles such as PS3, Wii, Xbox etc. are continually expanding the functions of the TV.

The ability to use TVs as computer screens has also changed the way TVs are perceived in the society. They’re now working machines, when hooked up to a computer. You can do your job on your TV. The ultimate consumer product of the 1950s is now a producer of media. TVs are used by professionals to review, edit, and create multimedia.

Digital technology means pre-programmed viewing and recording can be done at will. That alone has revolutionized the concept of broadcast television. Viewers are no longer restricted by broadcast timeslots.

Home D?�cor Items – New sleek styling and wall-mounting options make TVs a stylish addition to home decor. There’s a very strong functional element in this d?�cor approach, however. The better use of space and higher levels of functionality of new TVs means that you not only have a nice looking TV, you can organize your domestic media and communications very efficiently.

Around the corner

The TV is only starting to develop. There’s a lot of new technology on the way, and it’s all pointing to more big changes in home media. 3D technology, super-thin screens, custom apps for the TV (notably Samsung and Sony) and touchscreens are the beginning of the next wave of TV technology.

The TV is evolving in much the same way the mobile phone developed. Where phones have applications, TVs are picking up functions. This is actually a logical extension of an appliance which is typically central to the home.

It’s already possible with some current technology to use your LCD TV as a video call, like Microsoft’s Natal system. Internet TV, with super fast streaming, is another function which will drastically expand the role of the TV. It’s the next level up from the current systems, and it also has the ability to integrate and bring together the broadcast media and the internet effectively.

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