September 25, 2023

Saat Saak

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5 Freight Procurement Stratagems That Can Transform Your Supply Chain Business

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In today’s freight procumbent business, people care more than just having a better price. It...

In today’s freight procumbent business, people care more than just having a better price. It stands as a key point in the supply chain and can potentially help high-performance levels by driving its ROI high.

The last two years have been disruptive and the transformation of the freight procurement industry took a hit from all angles of the business. However, the disruption paved the way for many things, including the growth of ideas and how to tackle such crises. It marked a change in the freight procurement environment.

In light of the past challenges, many businesses are opting for strategies to help them transform from the traditional way of doing business. In case you don’t have amicable freight procurement strategies in place, below are pointers that can help you improve your freight management business.

Manage Your Operation Cost

Cost is a significant factor in ensuring that there are robust freight procurement strategies in place. To reduce cost, identify cost-effective rates on all outsourced services. This is key to ensuring that the bottom line of your business saves lots of cash.

Automation of Freight Procurement Processes

Choose a freight procurement solution such as one freight management software that has the latest technology to automate your process routine and reduce repetitive procedures. This will help in running the overall administrative duties and integrate the teams’ functions while saving a lot of time.

Outsource Data Analyst

Bring on board a data analyst that will offer you extra leverage. The person must comprehend the complexities of any freight processes and be equipped to analyze all responses to carrier bids through the assistance of data from a live shipment.

Assess Performance Metrics

Start by analyzing the KPIs to measure the performance of carriers, which would help in identifying the correct carriers for the organization. It will also point out gaps within the process. This as well helps you to implement cost-effective measures and optimize strategic data-intensive measures. Also, you will manage to adopt critical proactive strategies readying you for future challenges.

Check the market trends

Markets change each piece of data and if you can capitalize on its fluctuation, especially on transportation rates, through lanes, modes, and other factors, do it. Maximize your profits. You just have to be flexible in your procurement processes and put yourself equipped to leverage on rates. You should also try to negotiate to get discounts from the shippers.

Implement a Reverse Auction Approach

There are reverse auction methodologies offered by digital procurement solutions where several vendors will bid against each other through lower-priced bidding within a certain schedule. You could actually see the vendors issuing their possible rates to get favorable deals for you.

Well, each strategy highlighted above is potentially capable of transforming the way you handle freight procurement processes. With new trends in technological advancement and companies shifting their businesses online, there is a need to reconsider your priorities in your business before the odds turn against you. After all, we are here to make business happen and, as the way of doing it changes, we must think critically about a way forward.

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