5 Steps to Buy a New Postpaid SIM

We help you through the process of buying a new postpaid SIM card for your phone.

Buying a postpaid SIM card is really easy. Leading mobile operators have simplified the purchase process to a great extent, while offering new and improved services and plans. But if you are confused about how to go about it, we have a handy step-by-step guide to share with you about buying it:

  1. Find the best service provider.

Your search for the perfect postpaid connection begins with finding the best service provider. Look up the leading mobile service providers in the city – ask a friend or colleague who use their connections about their experience. If it’s a company like Airtel, then you need not even ask for recommendations, because you are guaranteed a great deal on your SIM card.

  1. Study the current best postpaid plans.

You now have a service provider in mind, so it is time to peruse their best plans. Studying the plan features and benefits in detail is important before you buy the postpaid SIM – you don’t want to make the wrong choice! We recommend that you buy the postpaid SIM from Airtel – they have excellent plans at the moment all across the country, with unlimited data and calling, superb add-on features (one-year Amazon Prime and 3 months Netflix subscriptions free, for example), high network speeds, data rollover and even handset repair protection facility. What’s more, you can easily buy the postpaid SIM online, and the company sends it to your address at a convenient time.

  1. Ask questions.

Buying the postpaid SIM is all about getting all the relevant information. For instance, you might feel that the Rs 399 postpaid plan from Airtel is a good one, but you might need more data than the 40 GB that it provides. Or you might want to get added to the Airtel myFamily plan instead of buying a new plan at this point. Or you could wish to port to Airtel from another provider and want information on the porting. Whatever your query, get it resolved before you buy the postpaid SIM.

  1. Complete the KYC process.

Once the SIM is purchased, you must complete the KYC process on it. This is completed at your residence if you buy the postpaid SIM from Airtel. The application form is filled out at this stage, and the sales personnel will also confirm your biometric data to match your Aadhaar details. The SIM is then handed over to you, and it becomes active after the KYC details are separately verified. The SIM is normally activated in 24 hours.

  1. Insert the SIM in your phone.

Congratulations! Your new postpaid SIM is now active and you can start using it. Insert it in your phone, complete the basic set up as prompted, and start using the connection.