Advantages Of A Duplex Colour Laser Printer

Advantages Of A Duplex Colour Laser Printer

A duplex colour laser printer has the ability to print both sides of a single piece of paper accurately and automatically making it not only easier to use but also much more economical. While the duplex printers used to be strictly suited to commercial use do to their size and expense, advances in technology have placed them within reach for home use. This article will take a closer look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of these time saving devises.

The biggest advantage of the duplex printer is its unique ability to print accurately and easily on both sides of the paper at the same time. The simplex printers available on the market today do not share this feature. To print both sides of a piece of paper on a simplex machine one must re feed each piece back through the feeder tray. This process is not only time consumer but also wasteful and frustrating.

The process of getting a simplex printer to print both sides of the paper is frustrating due to the need to align the page correctly. Although this may seem simple enough there are times when it can be a nightmare and waste many sheets of paper getting the process perfect, and because each sheet of a page may be different there is the potential of needing to align each sheet individually. Imagine a hundred page document printed 3 or more times!

With a duplex printer the process is streamlined. Simply tell the printer you need 3 copies of 100 pages printed front and back and in about 2 minutes you have all three copies done professionally with no waste of paper, ink or time.

The ability of the duplex to print both sides of the page saves not only time but money. Although the costs of ink, toner and paper may be coming down they can still be considered rather expensive, especially if you have an office staff of 200 or 300 souls all using the printer on a daily basis. That 100 page report on a simplex printer might have gotten printed but it would more than likely have taken two people the better part of 2 hours to coax a simplex printer into doing the job.

So not only did the same job save you two hours worth of pay for two employees but the ink cartridge and toner cartridge as well as that ream of paper are nowhere near as depleted with the duplex as they would be with the simplex. The duplex actually uses less then one half the ink as the simplex does. This can add up over the course of just a few weeks to a savings of hundreds of dollars.

Need another advantage? How about speed? The duplex printer is lightning fast. That 100 page report that took the simplex 2 hours would only take a duplex about 2 minutes to complete. The duplex not only prints both sides at once it is also a laser printer. Many simplex printers operate more on a dot matrix level so they need to print each color individually. The duplex however uses a laser so it can print all colors simultaneously. Both aspects are huge time savers and time is money no matter what line of business you may be in.

The only real disadvantage to the duplex printer is the size, at an average of 60LBS these are not portable printers. Technology is coming to make the duplex color laser printer smaller but it may be a few years before it gets here.