An Overview of Logic Analyzing Software

Companies that require a good logic analyzer software need look no further than the GoLogicXL Windows software. This programming package is both extremely powerful and highly intuitive as you will see below.

Channel Connections

One component of the software centers on helpful and easy to use drag-n-drop editors. They allow you to more easily communicate to the logic analyzer the way in which you want to connect the channels and your input signals. There are four one of a kind styles of editors with this program. These include spreadsheet, pods, Mictor, and Pinpoint. By defining the channels’ connection the software will be able to identify the trigger patterns so that it is able to effectively capture trace data. This will later show up in the data windows’ displays.

Range of Analysis Tools

This critical suite of analysis tools offers bookmarks and counts these events (using trace capture): pulses, noise, bus values, custom, and compare. When dealing with pulses, it finds too narrow, wide, low, high, or any kind of pulse. It locates extremely narrow pulses in noise. The analysis tools verify the bus values. It could define them via a pattern, a read binary or text file, or series of values. The custom function develops a unique analysis module that utilizes the ADK Analysis Development Kit. Compare works with two different trace captures. It compares them with the time domain.

Analysis Development Kit (ADK)

With the Analysis Development Kit, you can develop customized analysis modules for data with the software. You do not require any expertise or background in Windows programming to develop such analysis tools. You will need a strong knowledge of C programming though.

Plug In Development Kit (PDK)

Plug In Development Kit permits you to develop your own windows for data analysis with the program. You do not need any Windows programming background or experience to make such plug ins. It does require that you are highly proficient with C programming though.

Software Development Kit (SDK)

With the Software Development Kit application, you gain access to libraries of dynamic links and C/C++ static. These will allow you to effectively interface up with the hardware. It also includes a good body of example C/C++ code that you can study or compare notes with as necessary.