September 28, 2023

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Busting Samsung LCD TV Market Myths

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Busting Samsung LCD TV Market MythsJust like the saying that nobody is perfect, no object...

Busting Samsung LCD TV Market Myths

Just like the saying that nobody is perfect, no object is perfect as well. Liquid Crystal Display TV technology may be the hottest technological development today but it still has something that needs further improvement. Of course advantages and disadvantages are both present. But the differing views of people may confuse those who want to purchase this modern day television.

The following misconceptions about LCD TVs will be busted to make things clear for the consumers. Be sure that you keep yourself informed about what is true and what is not because you will be investing a good amount of your hard-earned money here. So take a look at these things and see if what you hear is indeed true.

It should be made clear that Liquid Crystal Display does not connote to the TV being made of liquid. The word liquid is simply used to describe the crystals that made up the pixels in the TV. These crystals are described to be fluid denoting their adaptability and flexibility. When these crystals are charged with electric power, they react in a certain manner. The reaction causes images to be produced.

Another issue that needs clarification is the LCD TV’s lifespan. Nothing, except diamonds perhaps, lasts forever. Just like how humans die, televisions as a mere object will wear out. However, note that the lifespan of an LCD TV is longer than that of Plasma and the tradition CRT televisions. Most experts and LCD TV manufacturers claim that the average lifespan of an LCD television is approximately 60,000 to 80,000 hours. From this numbers, there is an estimated 7 years of all day watching from your huge Sony or Panasonic or Samsung flat screen.

Next up, an LCD TV is different from the rest because it does not cause burn-in problems. Manufacturers like Samsung promise no shadowing, no ghosting of images at all. This is another reason for you to invest on an LCD TV since you can use it as a computer monitor too because it gives you the perfect lifelike images needed for video game playing and movie watching.

And lastly, every consumer should be informed that the latest LCD TVs have better viewing angle features. You can now watch your favorite show at any angle from the television. Gone are the days when angles of viewing hinder the consumers from watching TV from their preferred position. Nowadays, you can watch clearly even from a 160 degree angle.

So now, when choosing a specific model of LCD TV for your home, be sure that you keep these things in mind. Take a good look at both the advantages and disadvantages of owning that specific model. Make sure that the features you are looking for are present in the TV. And of course, inform yourself of the truths and myths that surround the LCD TV technology.

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