Check These Fixes for Your Video Surveillance System Before Calling Service

Video surveillance and closed circuit television (CCTV) security systems are widely used by businesses, private security services and law enforcement agencies because they are a reliable means of improving safety and protecting property.

As the technology in video surveillance systems advances, business owners and public officials ask if their existing system should be replaced or if the expense can be avoided by continuing to operate what is already in place.

Some issues common to older video surveillance and CCTV security cameras and their operating systems can be addressed by the user while others should be repaired by specialists such as those at video recovery Massachusetts.

Video Loss

Problems with video cameras include:

  • Power on but no picture.
  • Loss of picture in low light or at night.
  • Not transmitting in color or poor picture quality.

Try the following steps before calling for help:

  • Check the power supply, cables and connections.
  • Reboot the camera and operating system
  • Confirm the camera’s IP address does not conflict with another device
  • Update the system firmware and software
  • Reset the camera to factory default

Power Spikes

When a sudden rise in voltage, current or transferred energy causes all cameras to go black, or causes a camera to show a line over the image or a distorted picture, there may be damage to the camera or other components that need attention.

A power spike may last only a few milliseconds but it can send 3,000 volts or more in that time. Without protection, a power spike can cause catastrophic damage to cameras and other components. Cameras mounted to metal poles or other conductive surfaces are vulnerable as are components located near transformers and other high-voltage equipment.

Adding surge protectors and lightning rods will protect CCTV security systems from power spikes and power surges, which are lower voltage but have longer duration than spikes.

CCTV security system issues that cannot be identified or resolved by the user should be referred to service professionals.