September 25, 2023

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Guide On How To Use Samsung LN46C630

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Guide On How To Use Samsung LN46C630The long wait has finally come to an end...

Guide On How To Use Samsung LN46C630

The long wait has finally come to an end after another device was designed to give you a totally different kind of entertainment package. For you to know what that is, familiarize yourself with that Samsung LN46C630 Specification. Basically, the involved product is now going beyond everyone’s expectations. That is because it offers state-of-the-art features and capabilities that individuals can surely take advantage of.

Unlike other medium of entertainment, this one contains technical details that are unique. In addition, it is guaranteed to be complete and user-friendly. To start with, this model has a 46-inch widescreen display with 1080p HD resolution. Its LCD pixel response time is at 4ms, and its backlight uses Wide Color Gamut-CCFL. Apart from these things, it also features the Swivel Stand and Game Mode.

Normally, this product’s dimension is at 53.9 x 7.1 x 32.3 inches, and weighs 58.4 pounds. Even fast actions can be perfectly seen on the screen through its 120 Hz technology. Another thing is it features an Exclusive Charcoal Grey Touch of Color design that combines texture and color to work with any room. ConnectShare Movie is also available for you to easily connect a thumb drive or digital camera into it.

This unit also complies with the standards of Energy Star. As a matter of fact, it exceeded the 4.0 minimum requirements when it comes to energy consumption. It also provides clear and crisp display through its Wide Color Enhancer feature. Adjusting all your components automatically is even possible because of its feature on BD Wise. Thus, you’ll experience having the best picture and sound quality ever.

Through AllShare, this device enables you to sync up your entire household. You can even transfer your PC audio and video file into it by either wired or wireless DLNA connection. It also offers 10 Watts x 2 audio power stereo broadcast reception. Such feature supports multichannel sound and second audio program with 181-channel capacity. Plus it’s capable of reproducing real stereo sound to provide high-quality with more natural effects.

The good thing is that this model allows multiple devices to be connected into it. Making up your own home theatre with one cable per component is possible with its availability of 4 HDMI ports. It even allows other peripheral AV devices to be added into the set-up and have it controlled by the TV’s remote control. Apart from that, it’s also designed with 2 USB ports and 1 PC input at the back of it.

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