September 25, 2023

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Living Without Your iPhone

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Living Without Your iPhoneWhen you use a company to repair an iPhone this is a...

Living Without Your iPhone

When you use a company to repair an iPhone this is a great way to deal with a cracked iPhone screen or another problem with your gadget. iPhones are great devices but they are unfortunately prone to getting cracked and smashed due to the amount we use them and their relative design. So you have the service to repair an iPhone and you are essentially on track to getting it back working – great. The bad news however is that in the meantime you will be left to live without an iPhone at all. For those of us who have gotten used to our Apple iPhones, this can be a highly distressing experience that leaves us feeling naked and vulnerable. Here we will look at how to cope without your iPhone.

Alarm: Surprisingly people use their iPhones for even the most mundane task and this includes waking them up in the morning using either the built in alarm or one of the many apps. While repair an iPhone then you will need to use something else – like a clock.

Getting Around: People use the Google Maps app on their iPhone for getting around whenever they are in a new place and this has ensured that we are essentially never lost. At the same time we end up using applications like ‘around me’ to search for local restaurants and potentially TomTom if we shelled out for it in order to give us real-time directions if we’re driving. This means we will have to get used to using signs and sign posts again, and asking people. Try to be a bit more observant and you can get there. Be sure to carry around a map of the area and to have a road atlas in your car. You may also need another person to read out the map next to you (in the soporific tones you are likely used to).

Entertainment: When you had your iPhone, no two minutes were boring. On the tube? Check out the local paper. On the toilet? Play some Sonic 4. Waiting for an interview? Check your e-mail or play ‘Photo Swap’. With an iPhone you’re never bored. Thus you need to now carry something else on you that can keep you entertained. This could be perhaps a GameBoy (though it lacks the immediacy) or a book.

Communications: Believe it or not, despite everything else your iPhone does, primarily it is supposed to be a communications device (known as a phone). This then is what you will miss most when you repair an iPhone, so you will need back up. When you first break your phone, look for phoneboxes and call anyone you need to. At the same time consider going online to inform people that you have lost your phone through Facebook. Next you will need to recover your contacts so make sure you always have a spare copy written down or on your computer. If you don’t then the good news is that you can again get much of this from Facebook. Now look in that drawer of old things you have (batteries, menus, old phones, old keys) and pull out that Nokia 3310 or 3210 – for now this will be your phone.

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