Modern Technology Improves Hospital Signage and Location

Getting lost is one of the most frustrating situations that people experience. This is considered one of the worst fears that people have in life. When people do not know how to reach a specific location they become anxious and upset. Hospitals typically have this problem with patients and visitors trying to find their way through their facility. It is also problematic for people trying to locate the hospital out in public. Keep reading to discover how modern technology helps people to resolve this issue.

The Problems with Hospital Facility Design and People Getting Lost

Hospitals are fairly large sized buildings. Some facilities are literally 2 blocks long. They also could have multiple stories. Some hospital facilities have as many as 20 levels. Hospitals can be over sized buildings that can seriously confuse people. Architects and construction crews that design and manufacture hospitals make them to be functional and easy to navigate. However, many people cannot figure out how to move through a hospital or find specific places in them.

When hospitals are situated inside of communities they are placed in centralized locations. They are usually positioned next to freeways and in areas that are easily accessible by motor vehicles, next to freeways and can be easily reached by public transportation. Many hospitals use signs to navigate the general public to their position. These signs are positioned at strategic points around a community that let drivers know they are moving in the right direction. Still, many people cannot find their way to a hospital facility. Healthcare Facilities Today realizes the importance of digital and computer technology because it helps to correct this problem.

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Digital Technology that Helps Patients and Visitors to Find their Way

Digital technology is now being utilized inside of medical facilities that make it easy for people to quickly and effectively find their way. Digital signs are posted at various points along hospital hallways. The signage is very well developed with a high number of pixels and/or bright neon lights. They also have clear messages for people to follow.

Digital kiosks are also being used to help people with directions. They too are set up at key points within a medical facility. Digital kiosks provide users with an electronic map of the facility that will clearly reveal the path they need to take to reach a certain room or section. Finally, hospitals also use hand-held mobile tech. These includes apps related to a hospital facility. GPS navigation within a facility and sensor technology that alerts visitors if they are heading in the right direction or not. HMF Magazine endorses the use of these digital solution options for resolving issues with hospital wayfinding

Medical facilities are still trying to figure out the best way to serve their customer base. Patients and visitors must know how to reach a hospital from the outside. Finding their way through hospital grounds is also critical to the patient and visitor experience. Hospitals do not want anyone traveling around their facilities without being able to figure out where they are going. Administration and facility designers have improved the signage and visible markers that make locating a hospital and its rooms an easy thing to accomplish.

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