September 22, 2023

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Online Theme Creator for Mobile Phones

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Online Theme Creator for Mobile PhonesAs soon as you buy a new cell phone your...

Online Theme Creator for Mobile Phones

As soon as you buy a new cell phone your first attempt is to customize it with your favorite wallpapers, screen savers, themes, games, ring . If you search online, you’d find tons of sites related to mobile downloads, most of them being free. From the entire list of sites that you’ve come across, there is one site that stands out.

I’ve used it myself and its truly amazing. It’s a place where you’d like spending hours searching for your favorite stuff to enhance your mobile phone. They have a Hugh database and it’s constantly updated with user uploaded content. The site is basically an online community of mobile users; or should I say, it’s a file sharing system related to mobile uploads; or is it a Mobile Theme creator?…

Answer: It’s all these three put together and that’s what makes it stand out:)

There may be many who already know about the site. For those who don’t, here is a glimpse of what the site is about, and how you use it.

Online Theme Creator

It’s primarily an online theme creator/editor. You can create personalized themes that can be downloaded to your gadget. The themes or mobile skins can be anything. Be it your own, your girlfriend or wife, your friends or your favorite celebs. The possibilities are boundless as you can put all your imagination to work. It’s just 3 simple steps and your theme is ready for use.

Free File Sharing

Once you’ve created your theme, you can save it, edit it, share it or download it; all free of cost. There is no limit on the number of themes that you save. There are thousands of users who are already creating and sharing new themes into well categorized genres. In case you are not keen on creating a theme yourself, you have an option to choose one from the large user uploaded database.

Online Community

Apart from such wonderful features, the site also contributes to a large online community for Mobile geeks. You can interact with fellow users and share stuff public or private within the community. In case you need any help starting with, you can post into Forums for help. They have also introduced a free “Classified Ads” feature where you can post free ads to Buy or Sell your mobile phone.

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