Qualities to Look for in a Folding Company

When you need a miniature folding and supply company, they should be easy to locate and offer a variety of services. They should provide pharmaceutical folder and commercial folded printing. They need to provide offset and digital printing services too. A company that has experience with creating inserts, outserts, and leaflets for the medical industry is an appropriate choice. The company needs to be well known with a dedicated clientele that you can refer to when necessary. They should be able to provide you marketing printouts that will get your audience’s attention.
Your printing and folding company needs to know how to create an assorted array of products such as pharmaceutical, medical device, and nutraceutical market printouts. Their machinery should meet the industries standards and make exceptional products. They should test patterns accurately and create patient package inserts as well as physician inserts that are easy to package. They need to have experience with making inserts for nationwide and international companies. You want a company that has served the industry for a long time with quality products.

The company needs to have a team of qualified employees that follow the Standard Operating Procedure and Good Manufacturing Practices initiated by the printing industry. They should use G&K machines and employ Vijuk supplies to obtain the best results. They need to have a productive marketing department that can implement commercial applications. They should have staff members that are committed to providing customers with printed folded materials. Their facility needs to prevent theft and have a reliable security system in place.

When receiving orders for pharmaceutical inserts they need to know how to process the order for patient packaging, package inserts, instruction sheets and right turn angle outserts without errors. This will help your company with projects and ensure accurate processing of materials. They need to finish your products by tightly securing them with glue or wafer sealing and ensure prompt delivery. They should have the capacity to apply pharmaceutical serialization to your inserts and follow DSCSA regulations. If necessary, they should work with printing packing companies to complete the job.

Their commercial folding division needs to provide you with items that strengthen your marketing strategy. You want products that impress your customers and help increase your company’s revenue. The folded printed pieces should consist of printouts that are visually appealing and provide clear detailed information about your brand. If you are purchasing greeting cards, the folding company needs to accurately fold and crease your products. They need to develop instruction booklets, multi-fold invitations and presentation folders that are flawlessly constructed.

When you need assistance with offsets and digital printing, your folding company needs to deliver neat and clean copies to your door. They should have the capacity to print single and double sided long sheets. They need to provide you with pharmaceutical grade stock and offer an assortment of colors. They should be able to complete large jobs quickly and efficiently so that you can complete your project on time.