Samsung E1170 – For an Easy Ride Into the World of Communication

Samsung E1170 – For an Easy Ride Into the World of Communication

Samsung E1170 is an effortless gizmo by virtue of its easy to use features. When it comes to provide basic services of a mobile phone, there is no match to this amazing handset. It is a good-looking gadget that comes with a low price and delivers a strong battery backup. To woo the mobile phone seekers with its simplistic functionality, it adorned the market in April 2010.

To get more idea about its useful attribute, let us take a close look at its features:-

A. You will never feel any burden in your pocket while you are facing this fast-paced world, as Samsung E1170 is a lightweight device with just 72 grams weight. Besides this, you can have a complete grip over this marvelous handset as it measures 108.7 x 46.1 x 14.1 mm.

B. All the features and services will be clearly presented on the 1.52 inches long screen of this smart gizmo. The CSTN display of Samsung E1170 works efficiently with the support of 65K colors and screen resolution of 128×128 pixels. You can type any text or data by using the alphanumeric keypad.

C. To make life easy for its users, it has been equipped with speakerphone to alleviate the trouble of carrying the device in hand while talking.

D. For those who get bored during long journeys, this marvelous device offers them a number of interesting games to pass the time happily.

E. Samsung E1170 is also effective as a tool of communication, you can maintain touch with all your friends through this fabulous mobile phone. Your thoughts in form of short text will be delivered to them by means of the integrated SMS service.

F. If you look at the simple features and functions of Samsung E1170 then its internal storage space of 16 MB is enough to support them nicely.

G. Long-lasting performance is the appeal of most of the Nokia handsets and same with this fantastic gadget that is embedded with the durable, Li-Ion 1000 mAh standard battery.