Samsung Galaxy S2 Now In White: Reinvention of the Galaxy

Samsung Galaxy S2 Now In White: Reinvention of the Galaxy

There is a new Samsung Galaxy S2 in town, and this fresh new Galaxy will be available in a pristine white colour. Yes, the fresh new Samsung unit is now available in white which is a huge contrast when compared to the previous model that came in black.

There has been quite a big buzz around the web for the white version of the handset. Some people anticipated there would be a faster processor in the white version but this isn’t the case. The white version is identical to the black one in every way.

White Samsung Galaxy S2: Identical Specifications

Powered by a dual core processor, the Galaxy S2 is indeed a flagship phone for the electronics company that would be best described as a smartphone. It features a 4.3 inch Super AMOLED Plus touchscreen, which gives you plenty of room to navigate around the phone. It is a very impressive display that offers superb visual quality which is really noticeable when compared with any other handset.

The array of features that the white Galaxy S2 has to offer might prove to be disappointing for some as it is the same bunch of features that the Samsung Galaxy S2 carries, but the white color makes it all the more alluring.

Like the black version this one will feature exactly the same Android version 2.3 (Gingerbread) operating system. This means there are a huge range of applications available for you to download. There is literally an application available for everything. Whether you want to check the results for your favourite sports team or get instant price comparisons on products there is an app for you.

The white Galaxy S2 has a built-in 8 megapixel camera that will allow for the capture of superior quality photos and the 1080p full HD video recording capabilities of this handset will ensure that you get absolutely great videos even with the use of a simple mobile phone. There is also a secondary front-facing camera which will work best for making video calls. It can also be used for taking portrait photos of yourself and getting a live preview of the image before capturing it.

One will also find that the white version of the Samsung Galaxy S2 is quite comfortable to hold and carry around with you, because it is the thinnest Smartphone available in the market. At 8.5 mm, it makes for ease of use because it is light and slim. You will have no problem fitting the handset in your pocket even though it has such a large display.

The Galaxy S2 is also a monster for storage of applications and files, as it has a default memory of 16 GB. As this Smartphone allows for access to the Samsung Galaxy S2’s Game Hub, you can download high quality game applications. If music is more your thing you can also access the Music Hub which will ensure that you get quality music from over 13 million tracks available for download.