September 28, 2023

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Samsung Galaxy S3 (S III) Review

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Samsung Galaxy S3 (S III) ReviewThe Samsung Galaxy S2 was a huge success. It helped...

Samsung Galaxy S3 (S III) Review

The Samsung Galaxy S2 was a huge success. It helped make Samsung the largest mobile phone manufacturer in the industry. In order to surpass the quality and success of the S2, the Galaxy S3 must be very fast, pack lots of power, be feature rich, and it definitely has to look good.

The Galaxy S3 has a tough act to follow, so how did it do? Well in addition to the larger 4.8 inch screen, the S3 does have a plethora of new features. Let’s have an in-depth look at Samsung’s new creation…


As mentioned a minute ago, the Galaxy S3 has a rather large 4.8 inch display. That’s pretty big for a mobile phone. It’s slim build makes it quite manageable, but you might disagree if you have really small hands.

The glossy finish feels sort of plastic-like to the touch, but it gives the phone a very attractive and expensive looking shine.

The Screen

The high-resolution, super AMOLED display is bright with rich colors. Combined with the 4.8 inch screen size, viewing photos and watching videos is more enjoyable than previous Galaxy models.

Android 4.0.3 (Ice Cream Sandwich)

The S3 has Google’s Ice Cream Sandwich (the nickname for Android version 4.0.3) operating system. It’s definitely the best version to date.

Ice Cream Sandwich gives us a newly remodeled, cleaner interface. It allows easy multitasking, resizeable widgets, enhanced notifications, and other cool features.

With the virtual buttons in the System Bar, you can easily go Back, Home, or to Recent Apps. Going from one task to a different one is super easy with the Recent Apps button. A list shows thumbnail images of your recently used apps. Just tap a thumbnail and you’re taken to an app.

The new home screen folders are really cool. They allow you to group your apps and shortcuts in a very logical way. Just drag one and drop on to another.

There’s plenty more that you will appreciate about Ice Cream Sandwich.


Some of the new features on the Galaxy S3 are really impressive.

The S Voice is a voice recognition service similar to Siri. It’s adequate, but not always accurate. You can give certain commands to the phone like wake up, answer a call, or take a picture.

Smart Stay uses the front-facing camera to occasionally check for eyes looking at it. If it doesn’t ‘see’ a set of eyes, the screen will turn off to save power.

Smart Call will dial the number of a contact that you are viewing if you lift the phone to your ear.

Say you’re writing a message to someone but decide that you want to talk instead. No problem. Put the phone to your ear, and your contact will be dialed automatically.

The Best Photo feature will choose the better of eight continuous photos.

Do you tend to miss calls and messages? You’ll appreciate Smart Alert. It will alert you of missed calls and messages with a soft vibration or tune.


The S3’s camera has 8MP, and it takes better than average looking photos. You can also record HD 1080p videos.

Battery Power

It’s not a sexy feature, but I’m sure you would agree that battery power is important. Well you’ll be happy to know that along with plenty of shiny new features to play with, the S3 has a battery that lasts.


Have a need for speed? If you’re like most other people, the answer is yes of course! Well the Galaxy S3 doesn’t disappoint. It packs quite the power punch. You can place lots of demand on the phone without much of a slow-down in speed.

Call quality and clarity also gets two thumbs up.


With a bigger screen, new features, lots of speed and power, most owners of the Samsung Galaxy S3 will be quite happy with their toy.

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