Samsung LN37B650 Review

Samsung LN37B650 Review


The Samsung LN37B650 is a superlative LCD-HDTV with a 1080 pixilated, progressive scanning image presentation which is further enhanced via an integrated 120 Hertz image enhancer. The Samsung LN37B650 comes with a width of 37.5 inches, and it has a depth of 3 inches when measured without the attached stand. The LN37B650 weighs right around 29.5 pounds when the optional swivel stand is not attached to it. When the base is attached, the Samsung LN37B650 weighs 38 pounds in all.

With a nicely sized display screen and a contrast ratio equivalent to 100K to 1, it is hard not to be impressed with the Samsung LN37B650. This superior flat panel LCD-HDTV has an aspect ratio equaling 16 to 9, a 1920×1080 maximum resolution, an embedded HDTV tuner, wide color enhancement technologies, parental controls and more. All are housed within a housing that is accented by Samsung’s impressive Touch of Color® design that presents just a touch of red along the set’s bezel edge.

Display Properties:

Widescreen: 37 inch

1920 x 1080 Maximum resolution

1080p Vertical resolution

100k to 1 Contrast ratio, dynamic

Aspect Ratio: 16:9

What Is Included?

The Samsung LN37B650 is sold with the optional stand; the stand is capable of swiveling thereby increasing viewing angles and positioning. This set is not offered with the mounting equipment so it will need to be bought separately in order to mount the set to a wall. The device comes with an owner’s guide for ease of use. The LN37B650 is not sold with an embedded DVR device and it is not digital cable ready.

Product Capabilities:

High definition broadcasts are instantly detected by the impressive integrated tuner in the LN37B650. The set can be connected to a satellite or cable box for signal interpretation if a set-top box is purchased for signal detection and connected to the LCD-HDTV . Detected signals are instantly translated and offered on the 37 inch screen; progressive scanning capabilities intensify the pixilation of the images and therefore offer an image of unrivaled clarity.

The colors that images are presented with are further intensified by enhanced color technologies; the images are further improved upon through the ultra clear panel (UCP) integrated into the LN37B650. The UCP intensifies the image contrasts and minimizes any kind of glare, and therefore make the television viewing experience far more pleasurable. Vibrant images, dark images, and ultra light images are always presented with a remarkable sharp quality, thanks to the integration of a superior contrast ratio too.

The LN37B650 has a nice diversity when it comes to viewing angles; this set offers a 178 degree viewing angle so that the images can be enjoyed from any angle in any room. A response time of 5 milliseconds eliminates ghosting, blurring, streaks, digital noise, and digital artifacts completely. Further, perfect, flawless programming is offered with surround sound effect which flows from dual, ten watt speakers embedded in the bottommost part of the LN37B650’s housing.

There is more than enough in terms of connectivity options supplied via the Samsung LN37B650; this device as PC connectivity capabilities, four HDMI inputs, and Wiselink 2.0 USB port access. Parental controls are supplied via the integrated V-chip included inside the interior of the Samsung LN37B650, and the device is outfitted with plenty of entertainment features like gaming mode, on screen menus, picture in picture functioning, and more.