Samsung ML 2525 For Affordable Fast Prints

Samsung ML 2525 For Affordable Fast Prints

Finding the best electronics for your home or office should be simple. With pages of different printer models to view, there should be plenty of options that fit your style and workload. For those looking for fast and affordable prints, consider the Samsung ML 2525. This model is a popular choice for the savvy business owner looking for a printer that shines in is not necessarily loaded with features. It puts the focus on speed and performance rather than multifunctional add-ons.

The Samsung ML 2525 is surprisingly user friendly. This model is especially appreciated by users with a high level of web based prints. The “Easy Screen Print” button on the ML 2525 lets users print directly from the internet whether they are trying to print the entire screen or just the open window. Additionally this model is equipped with AnyWeb. AnyWeb is a print software that lets users drag and drop content from different pages into a new blank page WITHOUT having to resize or edit the content. You can save files as either tiff or pdfs and can then print with this feature or with the normal default setting.

Looking at the speed of this model you’ll quickly notice that it has a high ppm. The Samsung ML 2525 spits out tasks at up to 24 pages per minute. Not to mention the wait time for the first paper out (also known as FPOT) is less than ten seconds. Consumers are reminded that just because this machine is speedy, they are not sacrificing quality. The ML 2525 prints resolutions of up to 1,200 x 600 dpi.

There are two ways that users save when choosing this model. First off, it has a low cost per page and is considered one of the more economical models. This means users are saving on toner refill costs. Plus there are compatible toner options available which lets users save even more. You can find refills for half the price if you purchase refurbished toners over OEM (original equipment manufacturer).

A unique feature about this model is that it is Energy Star compliant-another money saving feature. This is especially great because not only are users saving money, but they are playing a role in promoting energy conservation.

Overall, the Samsung ML 2525 is a reliable machine that is ideal for any environment looking for fast and affordable prints. It’s compact and sleek design can fit easily in any small space.