September 25, 2023

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Samsung Omnia Review – Is it a Good Phone?

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Samsung Omnia Review – Is it a Good Phone?Phones after phones have been coming out,...

Samsung Omnia Review – Is it a Good Phone?

Phones after phones have been coming out, all of them with the new fashionable touch screens and cool touch integration. So what’s up with the Omnia?  Is it the real deal?  Is it a good phone?  Read on.  If you want to get the short version of whether you should buy it or not, fast forward to the summary at the bottom.

The provider for the Omnia is Verizon, but I have a great link at the bottom where you can get unlocked versions.  So effectively it’s for any service provider.  Whether it’s AT&T or Sprint, you can get your hands on a Samsung that will work for you.

Windows Mobile 6.1 is hooked up on the phone when you get it which is a pretty nifty operating system for mobile devices.  The stunning 600+MHz processor inside makes using Windows Mobile a breeze, allowing you to switch between applications and do what you need to do fairly quickly.

Equipped with a 5 mega-pixel camera you can snap some nice photos, and it comes integrated with photo editing software that usually isn’t found on phones.  This means you can mess around with your pics more than you normally would be able to on most other phones.

The touchscreen is amazing, and I feel as though it could be a little more quick and responsive –  however, they do the job very well.  It may take some getting used to the touch screen and typing quickly but you’ll get the hang of it with enough time. Software is limitless with Windows Mobile.  They make everything with it and you can integrate your phone with many different things, as well as syncing to your computer to transfer your favorite songs and video/media.

The browser is the standard Opera from Windows and makes browsing a breeze.  Equipped with mail software and calendar features, as well as business software, this makes the phone a pretty good catch.

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