September 25, 2023

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Samsung Pre-Paid Phone With All The Perks

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Samsung Pre-Paid Phone With All The PerksEnjoy the Pay As You Go plan brought to...

Samsung Pre-Paid Phone With All The Perks

Enjoy the Pay As You Go plan brought to you by T-Mobile so that you can select from a list of pre-paid plans that allow you to pay at more convenient times and follow a plan that is less demanding of your commitment. But, it’s also a phone that offers you features that will really benefit in the things you need a phone to offer you. For example, rejoice if you love messaging and texting, because the slide out keyboard with a familiar and easy to use layout allows you to send messages with the luxury of a keypad instead of using the dials of the phone. You can easily send messages via phone with affordable text and messaging plans and thereby keep in touch with friends and family while on the go.

Furthermore, you can send pictures, too, especially ones that your phone allows you to take with its 1.3 mega pixel camera and camcorder. Enjoy the 2x digital zoom that allows you to really hone in on special moments and capture great video that you can send to others or upload and share. Plus, with the color auto rotating LCD screen with 320 X 340 pixel and 262K color depth, you can enjoy browsing your pictures right on your phone with striking clarity and great image quality.

No stranger to being convenient, this phone includes a 2.0 version Bluetooth connectivity so you can easy hook it to headsets and hands free car kits so that you can listen to music on your way to work or use the phone to talk to people while safely operating your vehicle and sparing yourself some traffic tickets or worse, fatal accidents. You can even make use of a Bluetooth stereo headphone set that will allow you to stream your music from your phone to your ears or connect it to a speaker dock and cable that will achieve the same great results.

Memory is no issue for the Samsung T329, as it includes 50 MB internal memory, as well as a memory expansion via microSD card slot, so that you can even put in your own memory cards if you require more space for photos, music files, and other kinds of digital media that might be beneficial to you. Just as the phone makes texting so easy, it also helps you connect to messaging services like AOL, Yahoo! and Windows live, as well, so that you will have instant access to being able to chat with friends or relatives who might not have a texting plan or be near their phones.

Like any handy piece of technology, the phone is built to cater to your needs, offering great organization tools, such as a calendar that can keep and alert you of important appointments, as well as an alarm, a memo, a to-do list, and a currency converter in case you are traveling abroad and need that information readily.

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