September 25, 2023

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Samsung S7350 – A Classic Phone With a Myriad of Features!

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Samsung S7350 – A Classic Phone With a Myriad of Features!Samsung S7350 is a classic...

Samsung S7350 – A Classic Phone With a Myriad of Features!

Samsung S7350 is a classic handset transfused with innumerable significant features. The sleek and slim design is housed in modish metal and is made available in graceful metal hue. Boasting of great design and clean lines, the bigger display screen rotates automatically through accelerometer sensor for better multimedia viewing experience.

Major applications of Samsung S7350

This handset has a complete set of applications that are significant in realistic life. The major applications are calculator for doing statistical and financial computations, clock for alarm and calendar for managing office meetings. This handset has quality loud speakers so as to listening to music and making calls hassle free. Furthermore, if you do not want your gadget to ring at important meetings or at public locations, then you can utilize the functionality of vibration. It also incorporates predictive text input and multimedia messaging to let the users enjoy easy and fast input entry.

Camera features

Also known as Samsung Classico, this handset comes integrated with 5 MP camera with some dedicated buttons on the sides of handset. 4x digital zooming allows for taking perfect photographs even in odd environmental conditions and flash technology is helpful for enhancing the picture capturing experience.

Some other multimedia features

The camera of Samsung S7350 has also video recording capability and playback features lets you to enjoy the recorded video footage. The larger display screen is really helpful for enhancing video playing experience. Moreover, the secondary camera integrated provides the facility of 3G video calling.

An mp3 player is also imbued in the gadget that aids you to listen to favorite music tracks while keeping dullness and monotony at bay. Stereo Bluetooth technology improves wireless connectivity while you can also enjoy favorite music tracks in stereo set-up by putting into use Bluetooth compatible headphones. It also has an FM Radio for keeping you up to date with weather forecasts, news and music and inbuilt web browser allows for downloading interesting games from internet.

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