Samsung SCX-4623F Printer Review

Samsung SCX-4623F Printer Review


Samsung SCX-4623F is a monochrome laser printer which has an automatic document feeder and can be used for many more tasks, not only printing. In the past, there were not any multifunctional laser printers at an affordable price, but now, thanks to the advanced technology which is used to build MFCs, most multifunctional devices like Samsung SCX-4623F can be found at affordable prices. This printer is also able to scan color pages and it copies fast, and it is also very good for those people who want to pay a low amount of money per page.


It has a fax modem with a speed of 33.6 Kbps, which is very good. If the users are looking for saving paper and time, they can simply opt for PC faxing, another feature of this printer. PC faxing is almost the same like faxing because it sends the faxed information through the telephone line, but instead of using hard source material, the information is transmitted from a desktop to another one. It also has software like AnyWeb which helps regular users to make the job more efficient and within the schedule. If you have more elements on multiple pages, you can create a single digital page with all you want, by using AnyWeb. The final page can be printed or can be saved in PDF format. You will save a lot of paper because this software helps you to print all you need from several pages.

It is a very easy device to use and set. It can be used from a computer or it can simply be operated by using Blue Compass navigation system. It has intuitive menus that make this printer a very simple one. The Blue Compass navigation system informs us everything about toner level, paper supplies, paper jam, printing status and many other things like that. Features like one touch printing and scanning were made in order to help people to use the printer very easy and fast.


In customers’ opinions, the biggest disadvantage of this printer is that the printing speed is below other laser printers. It has a lot of features, but the speed is quite low. Its printing speed is only 22 pages per minute for A4 pages, while the one for letter sized pages is 23 pages per minute. There are some inkjet devices in the same price range, but with a slightly higher printing speed. However, it compensates with a lot of features that can prove to be very helpful for everyday usage.