September 22, 2023

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Samsung Toner Cartridges Are One of A Kind

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Samsung Toner Cartridges Are One of A KindSamsung takes pride in their toner. Lots of...

Samsung Toner Cartridges Are One of A Kind

Samsung takes pride in their toner. Lots of other companies try to even counterfeit their cartridges because of their high value due to great quality ink. This is why they have come up with qualities that can’t be matched, and developed distinct clues you can’t get from anywhere else besides genuine Samsung toner cartridges.

Samsung toner cartridges strive to perform at a high stature. They will not ever have streaks, splotches or bland color. They take pride in making sure their products stand out above the rest by being crisp, bright and shiny providing brilliant eye catching prints. You will never have to worry about having poor quality output. The printer however, can be ruined if there are counterfeit or different cartridges put in. It will break the printer and make the prints appear sloppier over time. The printer’s life span will be shortened by a long shot as well.

The toner cartridge and the package that the cartridge comes in should have the Samsung logo. This will ensure you that it is a genuine product. If a cartridge has physical damage it might not work the way it should. Worn screws, adhesives, and scratches are signs that it is not a genuine Samsung product. It must have a CRUM chip on it as well. This is a Customer Replaceable Unit Monitor chip which will ensure that it is real. In addition to that, it should also have a serial number label. You can check online if it is genuine or not through the chip being in your printer.

The security label on the Samsung packaging will ensure a genuine product as well. Tilting the label will change the color of it and give you the satisfaction of knowing you have a genuine product. The label should turn from clear to cyan as you tilt. The embossed characters will change colors as well. Red, gold and blue shiny colors will change as you move the textured embossed label. The texture will be noticeably different than the rest of the packaging.

It is simple to spot a real Samsung toner cartridge with these tips because they are none like any other. Samsung does the best they can to make sure they provide you with enough evidence that it is real. It will become clear to you the difference between a real cartridge and a fake one with just a little awareness of what to look for in the product.

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