September 22, 2023

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Tablet Review of iPad 2, BlackBerry Playbook, Acer Iconia Tab and Samsung Galaxy Tab

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Tablet Review of iPad 2, BlackBerry Playbook, Acer Iconia Tab and Samsung Galaxy TabIf you...

Tablet Review of iPad 2, BlackBerry Playbook, Acer Iconia Tab and Samsung Galaxy Tab

If you have up-to-date knowledge about the technological advancements around you or have interest in reading various tablet reviews, you might’ve guessed from the name of this article that we will discuss each tablet and it’s operating software. iPad 2, a successor of iPad, has the same software as many of the present Apple products such as iPhone and iPod Touch. BlackBerry Playbook has the BlackBerry OS which is specifically designed for the tablet, Acer Iconia Tablet is a Windows tablet with Windows 7 OS and finally the last tablet chosen for this tablet review is Samsung Galaxy Tab which has a Google Android 3 platform.

Out of the four considered for the tablet review, the most popular one without a doubt is iPad 2. Compared to iPad, its predecessor, iPad 2 is relatively faster, thinner and lighter. The updated screen resolution, called the Retina Display, is 132 pixels per inch and the screen size is 9.7 inches wide. The direct competitor in regards to the screen size is the Galaxy Tab which has a capacitive touch-screen resolution of 1280×800. Two important flaws worth mentioning shared by both products is the fact that the screen is impossible to view in sunlight and after the first few uses, the screen is left with messy finger prints. Comparatively, the remaining two products considered in this review, the Blackberry Playbook, with a slightly smaller screen size of 7 in, and the Acer Iconia, with 10.1 inches screen, have better screen display when used in sunlight.

Another important factor worth discussing in this tablet review is the availability of application and the user-friendliness of the operating system. Avoiding all possible complex explanations in this review, the applications for iPad 2 which is compatible with its iOS are only available from Apple’s online store. This drawback was discussed in almost every tablet review of the original iPad and iPad 2. Regardless, the user-friendliness of the operating system is something no other tablet has yet challenged. The most commonly mentioned fact of the BlackBerry Playbook is the lack of user-friendliness, with a platform much like most BlackBerry phones. Despite the fact, the Playbook supports Java and Adobe applications and POSIX OS. Acer Iconia, one of the few tablets to support Windows 7 platform, compared to the rest of the tablets discussed in this tablet review, falls behind the rest. Among the four products in this tablet review, the winner in the aspect of user-friendliness and application compatibility and availability would be Samsung Galaxy Tab with its Google Android platform specifically designed for tablets.

However, there are only a few aspects of the tablets evaluated in this tablet review but every individual who has interest in tablets will know the basic features to consider in a tablet are the screen size, the resolution, the user-friendliness and application compatibility of the platform. There are various other tablet reviews which specifically discuss in detail every feature of the product but it is always better to filter the options by reading general comparisons before researching on further details. Without a doubt tablet reviews are essential readings before purchase of any tablet product and it is also suggested to consult various other tablet reviews from different sources as the preference and outlook regarding products vary from person to person.

Happy tablet hunting!

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