The Best and Ordinary Aspects of HTC Hd2 Deals

The Best and Ordinary Aspects of HTC Hd2 Deals

Known as the candy bar in the world of smart phones, the HTC hd2 has many aspects which give it an edge over its competitors. HTC’s hd2 is often called HTC Touch HD 2 or T Mobile HD2. There are many good features (and some bad as well) of this smart phone; it becomes very difficult to zero in on a list. But, the most important aspects of the phone are discussed below. Both sides of the coin are taken into consideration.

The Aces First

Massive, Massive Screen

Forget 3 inches, 3.5 inches or 4 inches and make way for 4.3 inches of visual luxury (the screen size) with the all new HTC hd2 smart phone. Touted as the best in its category, the screen in terms of home view, typing and general usage is one of the most interactive smart phone screens. If you want to view videos, this phone offers a better experience, even better than some of the Apple combinations. You can also utilize your fingers to control the zoom..

With an excellent ‘response to touch’ type screen (capacitive touch screen), you will be delighted with its control. Actually screen size, which automatically corresponds to mobile size, is a double edged sword. Some people actually prefer a big phone with a big screen, while there are many who might find it hard to be accustomed to gripping this smart phone.

Super Fast Processor

Gone are the days when 1 Ghz processor was considered a rarity, now mostly all smart phones have at least 1 Ghz processor as their backbone. But, when it comes to HTC, you are bound to be pleasantly surprised. Hd2 has a 1 GHz Scorpion processor (Snapdragon chipset), but its working combination with the screen and HTC Sense is commendable. You can actually feel the difference while using the phone.

Let us check some missed points!!

Size Issues

One of the rare products which has an advantage which also doubles up as a disadvantage, the HTC Hd2 Deals provide a screen that not only looks gigantic but also seems never ending. At times, it won’t even fit in your hands or pockets. Also, unlike other lighter phones, this version is on the heaver side. Size and weight of a mobile phone are directly proportional actually.

The Battery Life

If we go by the user reviews and not by manufacturers’ claims, then carrying a charger with your Hd2 phone will be a good idea like some other HTC Mobile Phones. Unfortunately, HTC hd2 deals provide ordinary battery life.

All in all, with excellent web based browsing and working speeds coupled with an excellent capacitive touch screen, an HTC hd2 smart phone is a decent bargain actually.