The Best New Gaming Systems Available This Year Could End Up Saving You Money!

The Best New Gaming Systems Available This Year Could End Up Saving You Money!

It’s about that time again, the hour will fall back and we will all start wondering what the best gifts will be to give this year. With the recession still clinging, many families have little left to spend on nights out to the movies, theme parks or dinner out. The new gaming systems that are here, or about to come onto the market, might prove to be money-savers in the long run.

The three most important new gaming systems to come onto the market this year are the new and greatly improved Nintendo Wii, Microsoft’s Xbox and the Sony PlayStation 3 with Move. Each brand has its adherents and I have to say it is extremely difficult to choose between these three great console systems. They are priced around $200, $300 and $400 respectively and if you are going to have a happy motion gaming family, you will have to purchase extra controllers for each system. It gets tedious handing one controller around two or more players.

Pricey, yes. But if you read the reviews about these systems you will find many happy parents that have already purchased these systems. Mom can exercise, the kids can play all sorts of games, and dad can play good old Madden Football, basketball or golf with his buddies.

All these systems are built to last and offer hours of enormous fun. I had a ball just trying to figure out how to use the controllers! Bottom line is, the kids will want to stay home and participate, therefore saving you hundreds of dollars over a year on movie tickets and popcorn. Pouring with rain or snowed in? Who cares! Any of these systems has hours of built-in fun.

There are also some good rental companies online where you can try out game titles before you buy them, so you can be sure everyone in the family will enjoy the games.

Tell the kids the bad news, there’s only one major gift this year. Then tell them the good news, it’s a motion gaming system! You may never get them out of the house again!