The First Samsung Galaxy S3 Deals Get Announced

The First Samsung Galaxy S3 Deals Get Announced

Last week, Samsung unveiled their new Android flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S3. Opinions seem to be favourable, with many being impressed by its high resolution S-AMOLED screen, powerful quad-core processor and advanced camera encased within a sleek and stylish handset. The first batch of deals from a number of UK networks have now been announced, and I will provide an overview of these in this article.

Unlike many other flagship smartphone releases, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is not exclusive to one carrier. In the past many significant smartphones, like the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S for example, are generally only offered by the likes of O2, and then by other networks a short while after. The Samsung Galaxy S3 though, is offered by all the major players in the UK mobile network market.

Like most other smartphone deals, the Samsung Galaxy S3 offers are generally based around an allowance of monthly free calls, text and media messages and internet allowance (applies to internet used through your carriers network, Wi-Fi is free). The cheapest monthly deal is offered by O2; however it requires you to pay A�364.99 for the handset. If you are in a position to make this initial investment, you will only have to pay A�10.50 per month. Fifty minutes of free calls are included along with 250 free messages and unlimited web browsing (Wi-Fi only). If you are an occasional mobile phone user and you are in a position to pay for the handset, it can save you a lot of money in the long run.

In order to get more generous allowances, you will of course be required to pay a higher monthly fee. T-Mobile offer a good package called T-Mobile + 300 + Unlimited + 1.5GB. As the name of the tariff suggests, this comes with 300 minutes of free calls, unlimited text messages, and a generous 1.5GB of data usage (along with unlimited Wi-Fi browsing). For A�31 per month, this is within the financial reach of most, and as an added bonus the handset is provided for free.

For heavy mobile internet users, Three is a great UK network as they offer some of the only unlimited internet contracts in the UK. For just A�7 per month more than the aforementioned T-Mobile deal, Three provide a generous 1000 minutes of free calls per month which is equivalent to 16.6 hours along with 5000 free messages (around 160 per day) and unlimited internet usage, even over the Three’s 3G network. The handset is also included for free, so I think this is the best Samsung Galaxy S3 deal currently available. Even the most prolific phone user will struggle to use up the generous allowances it provides.

At you can view all the Samsung Galaxy S3 deals currently available so you can find the suits your needs based on price, allowances and contract length.