The Most Common Sewer Problems and Solutions

Sewer systems distribute waste away from a property in a strategic manner. When a system has a problem, water and waste won’t flow through the lines properly, and sludge may seep onto a landscape if a serious problem isn’t resolved quickly. On most residential properties, there are two issues that affect underground sewer lines. Although these issues can cause water flow inefficiencies, there are simple ways to repair a sewer system when these situations occur.

Root Invasion

Root invasion is a problem that happens where pipes run near trees underground. As the roots grow around the pipes, they move to key spots in order to extract water. During this process, the roots wrap around the lines, and the pressure gradually crushes the piping material. If a pipe bursts underground, no one will notice the leak until water seeps above ground, which is why every homeowner should get a sewer inspection before roots begin to invade important pipes underground.

If roots are discovered during inspection, a technician will implement procedures to remove them. During most jobs, an auger or a hydro cutter provides professional results because both each gadget can slice through thin and thick roots with ease. However, if a technician wants to stop roots that are growing in a confined location, an herbicide will be used instead.

Sewer Defects and Leaks

Occasionally, you may need to work with a plumbing crew that uses sewer smoke test equipment in order to avoid leak problems. When technicians use smoke testers, smoke is distributed through a sewer line. After testing is complete, a plumbing maintenance team can determine whether or not a sewer system has water flow problems.

If you want to operate fixtures in your home without experiencing water distribution issues, you’ll need to use sewer maintenance services. Because there are many plumbing businesses that serve local communities, the process of working with an experienced plumbing crew isn’t a hassle.