The Samsung Monte – Highly Stylish and Highly Customizable

The Samsung Monte – Highly Stylish and Highly Customizable

If you are looking for a highly stylish and highly customizable touch screen mobile phone, the Samsung Monte is the mobile touch screen phone for you. Once you whip out this phone, people cannot help but turn their heads, and admire the phone’s design.

Stylish Design

Slim with a striking color scheme, this phone will surely make a statement wherever and whenever it is seen. However, this phone is not only about style and looks. It is also ergonomically designed that makes it easy to grip and prevents slips.

Entertaining Touch UI

With the enhanced touch user interface of the Monte, you get anything but a boring user interface. Aside from being colorful and vibrant, it comes with intuitive graphics that add more flavor to a simple feature. When it comes to customizing, the Monte allows you the freedom to customize to your heart’s content.

Options For Business

With the Monte, you get a document viewer; you get an offline mode; you get voice memo; you get voice mail, and you get mobile printing. It’s like taking your office wherever you go.

GPS And Google Maps

The Samsung Monte comes with GPS capabilities and Google Maps. This simply means that you can enjoy features like Geotagging, Google Latitude, and pinpointing your exact location. This simply means that you can share where you may be; you can show where an image was captured, and you can unleash your taste for adventure.

Easy Access To Social Networks

With a native SNS application you get easy access to social networks with the Samsung Monte. You can easily upload images or check on friend’s and family’s updates with this application. With this feature, you will always stay connected.

Built In Camera

With a built in camera, you no longer have to have a separate digital camera. With its 3.2 megapixel camera, you can capture images wherever you may be. With other image enhancements like face detection, smile shot, and photo editing you are assured of high quality images.

Fun And Entertainment

With the Monte, you get embedded JAVA games; you get embedded wallpaper; you get an integrated FM radio; you get FM radio recording, and FM radio RDS. Other than being able to play recorded tracks and videos, you get the entertainment options mentioned above as well. As you can see, this phone is all about you. The Samsung Monte is highly stylish and highly customizable.