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Without a doubt, there will be a moment in your life when you start thinking about getting a new floating dock or adding one more to your existing one. The reason for that is very simple and that reason is budget constraint. Building a new or adding another dock involves spending money to manufacture and transport the dock parts and paying people to assemble those parts.

Because of the things stated above, many people have decided to build a floating dock the DIY way. If doing it yourself is not possible, there are other ways to save money when you want to have a new floating dock.

If you want to save money, start with you choice of materials. For example, in terms of framing why not look into galvanized steel? This material is often compatible with most of the other needed materials and they are included in kits. Moreover these frames come in various sizes. You can choose somewhere between 2 x 8 and 8×10. Typically, the weight of these frame steels are considered when calculating shipping and remember that the bigger the frame the heavier it can be. Larger frames made of galvanized steel frames weigh as high as 300 pounds. Keep in mind that this type of material may not be suitable in other locations. That is due to the fact that galvanized steel is prone to rust and corrosion which speeds up as temperature changes several times a years.

Another options is to use treated lumber. You can get this kind of framing locally. A floating dock kit with treated lumber usually comes with steel brackets as well as fasteners and if you must ship it, the costs would not be as expensive as the first material. Then again the larger the dock the heavier is can be and there goes your shipping expensed. This material however is much easier to come by locally. And that means saving money on shipping.

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Aluminum is another option. Aluminum is the lightest material if compared to steel or wood. On the other hand this materials is not inexpensive when it comes to shipping. Take note that because of the fact that aluminum frames usually come as units that are welded, they take up space and that adds up to shipping fees. There are manufacturers that make these frames in small packages that are easier to assemble and that is another consideration.

The lesson behind this is that research is important when you want to so save money on materials. When choosing a material the weather and the location must be considered. next check if there is a local supplier of those materials. If you are serious about saving money shipping fees are areas that you can easily make adjustments on. With that, its best to find the closest Decks & Docks Lumber Company where you can find all you need to have that new floating dock.

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