Why Portable Rumble Strips Are Important During Road Work

Whether you are completing routine maintenance inside of your community, fixing a pothole, or even paving a new road, you need to consider using temporary rumble strips. These can be put down as a way to slow drivers down while also alerting them to potential changes in road conditions.

Covers Three Senses

One of the main reasons why rumble strips are so important is that they help to alert distracted drivers. They cover three senses because of their ability to provide sensation, sound, and sight awareness. Even if a person doesn’t see the strips, they will hear the car going over them and feel the bumps, ensuring that they become aware that there is something going on.

Reduces Accidents

Your goal should always be to reduce accidents considerably. The best way to do this is by making sure that everyone is alert to what is happening on the road. When people are more aware, it can reduce work zone accidents and injuries. Simply placing these portable strips down have the potential to eliminate fatalities from the equation.

They’re Removable

The rumble strips are also removable. You don’t have to worry about them being a permanent fixture on the road. This also allows you to move them along the road as you continue to do work. You may have them at the very beginning of the project and as you complete more work, you can list them up off of the road and place them up further along. This allows you to keep the original road in good condition while also investing in only as many rumble strips as you actually need.

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Having portable rumble strips can be great for cities, counties, and even homeowners associations. It allows you to focus on safety throughout every project that you conduct.